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Sacred Blue

MEXICO | Monday, 4 April 2011 | Views [503] | Comments [1]

East of Chichén Itzá is a dark underground world the Mayans called Cenoté (pronounced say-noh-tay). They are deep water filled sinkholes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone above. These natural wonders are known to connect with other underlying cave systems which have been explored for lengths of 100km or more!

Ik Kil is commonly known as the "Sacred Blue Cenote," and is a perfectly round well-type cenote with exuberant vegetation and waterfalls. Absolutely magical! 196 feet wide and about 130 feet deep, it is an open cenote about 85 feet from the surface. As you descend the grand stairway which leads you down into the water you notice roots of trees hanging before you. In their search for water they've penetrated the ceiling, dropping 90 feet to the beautiful blue-green pool below. Once your eyes get used to the light level a bizarre world takes shape. It's like an eerie underground forest reminiscent of Avatar. Above a piercing beam of light streams in from the ceiling, illuminating the pool and the entire chamber.

It's a good thing we brought our togs with us, because after a long, hot day at Chichen Itza, I wasted no time ripping my clothes off eager to jump right in. There's varying ledges which tourists are welcomed to jump off - of course I sought out the highest one and dived my way into its turquoise depths. However, despite its enigmatic beauty, there is a darker side to this and other Cenotés. Mayan petroglyph's depict human sacrifices at these sites; there have been found scores of skeletons. What lies under this Cenoté is not known, but as I emerge myself into its refreshing depths I push the possibilities out of my head and enjoy the moment. It seems to divine for any such macabre acts.  

There's no debating why cenotes were once sacred places of the Mayans - not only are they stunning in form, they represented entrances to the underworld. Their natural beauty are truly enigmatic works of art. Quite possibly one of the most magnificent places I have ever been!

Check out my photo's and be jealous :P haha!

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Yeah this place was awesome! You have summed it up perfectly!

  Tom Apr 5, 2011 12:51 PM

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