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NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 11 November 2010 | Views [413]

Genesis: 'The beginning'

This is where I feel I am in the Universe right now; at the beginning, starting out, and on a fledging adventure to explore whatever there is to explore well outside of the safety of my all-too-familiar 'nest'. 

All of 2 days ago I completed 4 entire years of University, YAHOO! To some, university was a means to an end. A degree. A qualification. To me, it was all part of the journey - not a hindrance or set-back (well, maybe sometimes). However despite that, it's only now that I feel as though I can finally begin my life!

...Or, had it already begun?

What technically defines beginning life is up to you. To me however, beginning life is - as I said - fledging the nest and seeing the world. Truth be told I've done much of this already. I've been or lived in England, Samoa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Fiji to name but a few, and many of these multiple times. So why do I feel as though my life is just starting out? Well, I suppose because the institutionalisation I once knew as school or uni, is finally O.V.E.R. What this means for me is that for the first time in my 18 odd years of schooling, I'm no longer bound to fulfil a single obligation asides from my own wants, needs and desires. It's all about me, and let me tell you something - I am young, free, able, and more keen than EVER before to do what I've always done and wanted to do. TRAVEL!!

This blog, sometimes brief and sometimes novel-like (*cough* like right now), is designed to record a most blessed and fortunate life and remind me of a life lived to the full. A time where life will pose its greatest inspirations, challenges, memories and of course adventures. I think sometimes we need those reminders.. don't you agree? Being an individual who thrives off being busy I admit to taking for granted the quality of my life and the choice things that come my way; people, places and opportunities. I'm forever hearing myself say "ohh I can't wait for this" or "I can't wait for that" - constantly looking to the future for excitement and opportunity. I mean, it's all well and good having goals or something to look forward to isn't it; but what happens when all is said and done? One day I'll be on my deathbed looking back on all the wonderful years that past. And then what's to look forward to? The now I suppose..? Having said that, I endeavour to remind myself to make each day count, live in the NOW as opposed to the past or future for excitement and enjoyment. After all, the unknown is just too exciting (I'll always look forward to something), and the past is well, just as great.

To sum it up I need to pledge to live life as it is in the now and stop 'looking forward' to what's yet to come. Thus, I shall hereby live by the quote "Live every day as though it were your last".  

That, I can do...

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