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Domestic Day

DENMARK | Friday, 5 October 2007 | Views [452] | Comments [1]

Other than this trip (and various other holidays) i've lived at home with my parents my entire life.

This lead to the following scenario :

I can iron... ironing is easy, it doesn't take long, if you have the slightest amount of common sense you can't really get it wrong (ie not wandering away from the iron face down on the board or clothing to answer the phone). So i could iron my clothing.

Problem is for this trip i specifically picked clothing which wouldn't require much if any ironing, as transporting or finding an iron and board would prove problematic.

Washing, while at home I don't remember ever washing my own clothes, they went in the basket with the mucky washing, and then (sometimes) though not often I ironed them, most of the time they either ended up back in my room in a pile to put away, or i was informed they were ready and where they are.

To my credit (but only a tiny amount) i did bug my mother on numerous occasions for guidance on how to use the washing machine, what to put in with everything else, but she never really showed me (and me being afraid of ruining a piece of clothing i liked never had a go on my own)

Cooking, well i took "cooking" or "home economics" or whatever you call it at school. Simply because out of Graphics, cooking, wood work or textiles, i wanted to take something home i could actually do something with (yes that means eat)

So i learnt the basics of what to do, could make some bread, lasagne and various sweets (and cook a mean full english breakfast) however this didn't translate well to home. As i soon found out that cooking what i wanted didn't always agree with what two (at the time self employed and extremely stressed) parents wanted. So it developed into me getting shouted at for not cooking anything, or sometimes getting shouted at for cooking the wrong thing.

I decided i wasn't going to put effort in and still get shouted at. That and once more the fear of ruining something (be it clothes i hadn't paid for with the washer OR food that someone else had to eat) made me not like the idea of cooking now and then.

That all becomes relevant because today i'm doing both. I've washed my first set of clothing (and as far as i can tell none of its shrunk) nor have i lost any socks! its happily drying in its corner and i should be quite content with myself.

However the second part of today is that i'm cooking tonights meal, i've picked something "english" in a Shepards pie (and because i vaguely remember how to do it) AND most importantly its shockingly easy in comparison to most foods.

So if i've not made an entry about how it went by tomorrow dinnertime its safe to say i'm probably in the hospital with food poisoning

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watch it :)

cloths dont shrink while washing (well not if you have a medium temperature... nowadays not more than 40/50°C is needed) but during drying :)

drying is the way to provide your Barbie doll with new dresses ;)

  Gnomya alias Moritz Oct 11, 2007 7:35 PM

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