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There and Back Again Not all those who wander are lost


AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 2 March 2008 | Views [755] | Comments [3]

This weekend was Mardi Gras here in Sydney, which doesn't sound too menacing all on its own, until you discover its actually Gay and Lesbian mardi gras and its the biggest one in the world.

We hid ourselves away from the cavorting going on in the streets, and the couple of times we did venture out it was deadly. I was nearly swept away a few times by groups of people where the number of items of clothing didnt total higher than the total number of people (that includes hats and feather boas) which seemed to be out in force.

raúl seemed to spend the majority of his time outside pressed against walls and leaving me to my own devices when it came to confronting a mob of "party goers" Though i suppose i can accept he had his own problems on that front, his dorm room was invaded for the whole weekend by the "enemy" and he was particularly concerned of returning to sleep in case any of them had pulled and were entertaining friends in the bunk above him.

Other than that, the previous week or so has been almost uneventful, raúl has a job, which is killing him slowly day by day. He returns home with a new injury after every single shift, the only thing getting him through the days seem to be a manically depressed work collegue called Denzil.

On his first day of work his injuy came from a purchase of new shoes, they fell apart (insert dramatic hand movement) and ripped his feet to shreds. Because his work shifts made it impossible to get to the shop to deal with this, he asked me to go in.

The manager (who doesn't turn up to the shoe until 2pm on any given day) informed me that the shoes had been repaired because that was policy, after i told him we didnt want repairs as any shoes that required repairing after one days wear were frankly worthless. He let me know he didnt care, that they were his shoes not mine and that it was all about what he wanted and i could go to hell.

I think i finally understand the helpless feeling that descends on people in a 1 sided relationship.

Raúl has a day off tomorrow, and is intending to go and do battle with "mr turd the shoeman" im wondering what new injury he will return with...

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nice to hear from you again neil thought youd dissapeared grannpam

  granpam Mar 4, 2008 8:28 AM


Hey you have a new Bast**d. the Shoe Bast**d :o)

  lucy Mar 4, 2008 10:07 PM


I had a very similar battle - almost identical in fact, keep persisting, and persisting, and persisting. And ask to speak to managers above managers. And managers above them. Ask for the phone number for the company's customer service line.

I got my refund :D

  Kylee Mar 5, 2008 8:04 PM

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