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The Wright Journey This is a travel jounal, written by me sophie. I leave on my travels for 8 and a half months and return mid august.. im hitting Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, Chille, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Il be working whilst in Oz and when I am in Mexico for three months I will be teaching English to primary school children and helping with sport and other extra curricular activities. Il be based in a village on the west coast, that is only accesible by boat- Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end!! It will be an experience and one I am sharing with my best buddy- Daisy Dixon! Whom many of you know- We are two peas in a pod and I cant wait to go on this wodnerful adventure, full of fun, laughter, danger, excitement, fear and much much more. Enjoy... ALL MY LOVE...MISSING U ALL. X Sophie

Week 1 complete...

MEXICO | Tuesday, 24 April 2007 | Views [583]

What a week,

Whoever thought that rice pudding for dinner would have been a treat...followed by quesadias and refried beans!! Or that cold macaroni with frankfurters and shredded pork fat could have been delecious!! We are being fed...its all pretty yummy but beans for breakfast lunch and dinner...is um hard!!

And if i hear another couckoldoodaloo or an ehore...i might be forced to....???

It has been a very eventful week, started teaching and the second class is extremely naughty and refuse to learn...we end up just playing hangman to keep them quiet..but it still helps them learn.

Very keen bean carlos in the first class, who loves to shout out the answers..but has terrible pronounciation, we have to fight back the giggles, but he is so interested! he is definitely my favourtie!!We have taught them how to say, i have finished...

We have adopted a posse of 10 little girls that follow us everywhere, play loads of clappin games and colouring in. They are all absoloutely stunning! We cant get rid of them till about 9 at night, when esther our mama sends them home...after feeding them however.

Two boys have taken quite a fancy to us, and wont stop asking us if we want to go horseriding, they now want to take us for coffee (thinking it might be their idea of a second date) we have declined.

I heard tremendous squealing the other day and went to see what it was, and found a pig being slaughtered, blood everywhere and all the senouras washing away the blood and slicing off the head and trotters. If it wasnt essential that I eat meat here, I would be a vegetarian instantly!!

Went to a fiesta yesterday in the nearby village, lots of beer drinking and starring! As we walked back a bull appeared, staring at us and refusing to budge, terrified we clambered into a nearby field to escape being charged at and stamped to smithereens. As we made our way back to the road, we had to clamber over barbed wire, i managed to fall into it, but came out with only a few scratches down my legs! What an adventure.

Went to beach on saturday with the family. Now not a normal day at the beach, woken at 6, "mi ninos, mi sophie mi daisy" jumped into the back of a truck (where cattle normally go) and off we drove in the pitch black for the bumpiest most uncomfortable two hours of my life. Arrived at the beach, corralles, which is stunning. Dead cow hanging off a tree and all the villagers gathering round to get a good slab of meet! mmm. then went to the families friends house, fish for breakfast lunch and dinner. I am so glad we are not staying in a fishing village! No swimming as too cold, but enjoyed watching the locals play dominos and attmepting to speak spanish with bibis friend (thats the daughter, who is our age).

Think thats about all the dramas for the week, hope everyone is well.

oh and p.s. there is a little lizzard that lives in our room, we havent named hime yet.

lots of love x x x

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