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around Semarang: Feb'11

INDONESIA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [1105]

Day 1: Semarang, Bandungan, Ambarawa, Salatiga I jotted down some weekend travel choices on a Tuesday with Lonely Planet Indonesia book besides me. The options were Solo, Togian Islands and Balliem Valey. Of course, Solo was the most sensible ... Read more >

Morroco - Chefchaouen: Dec'10

MOROCCO | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [1796]

Day 6 I, B and P took the last train (7 pm) from Marrakesh to Fez (first class Dh295). We arrived in Fez at 2 am and waited at the train station until the morning come. We had our bus to go to Chefchaouen at 8 am. I did not feel well ... Read more >

Morocco - Sahara Trip: Dec'10

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011 | Views [1112]

Day 3: Marrakesh-Tizi n'Tichka-Ait Benhaddou-Ourzazate-Zagora-M'Hamid It was still dark in Marrakesh at 6.30 am during this time. And I smiled because if I were in Jakarta by that time, I would have been already at the office or Starbucks, ... Read more >

Morocco - Casablanca & Marrakesh: Dec'10

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010 | Views [1509]

Having a 15 hour flight from Casablanca to Jakarta (via Dubai), I do not have anything else to do besides listening to the music and waiting for Emirates’ flight attendants giving me something edible. I am too excited to end the eight day holiday ... Read more >

cemetery, hills and river in Tana Toraja - South Sulawesi: Jun'10

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 | Views [2377] | Comments [1]

After spending two nights in Makassar and Palopo, I joined my friends Tira and Riky in Tana Toraja. The two hour journey from Palopo to Tana Toraja itself was a great and a bit adventurous one. It was great due to the mountainous terrain with ... Read more >

Alas Purwo National Park - East Java: Feb'10

INDONESIA | Thursday, 4 Mar 2010 | Views [2157]

After spending the night at Meru Betiri National Park, we went to Alas Purwo National Park: Sadengan (pic. 3), the forest itself (pic. 2 & 4), Parang Ireng beach (pic. 5), 'waiting for the car' beach (pic.6) and Plengkung beach or G-land (pic.... Read more >

Meru Betiri National Park - East Java: Feb'10

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010 | Views [2729] | Comments [1]

This time I had a trip to Meru Betiri and Alas Purwo national park with Arya, Dian, Riky, Rinta, Rita, Tiwi, Yana, and Yanti. Aris from http://www.backpackingindonesia.com/ picked us up at Juanda airport 1.30 am on Friday. We arrived at Jajag ... Read more >

a crater, a lake and a temple in Garut - West Java: Feb'10

INDONESIA | Thursday, 25 Feb 2010 | Views [1530]

Garut? What do I know about the city? I only know the city is famous for its "dodol", a sweet traditional food that I don't like. It turned out that the city has more than that. For example, the city is also famous for its "batik"... Read more >

with nothing in Badui Dalam Village: 2009

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [1029]

In a normal condition, I won't join Badui Dalam trip because the village doesn't have permanent bathroom. But since lately I'm not in a normal condition, I joined the trip. We were off from Outpack's basecamp at Warung Buncit around 10.30pm. There ... Read more >

light trekking in Gede-Pangrango Nat'l Park - West Java: 2009

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [672]

I won’t go out of town in June, but Rita gave me an interesting daytrip offer: to Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park. Besides, I really need this trip to prevent me from suddenly flying to Lombok to join my lunch friends there. Doug also joined us ... Read more >

as if meditating at Borobudur Temple - Java: 2009

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [1088] | Comments [2]

5 am and it's time to go for sunrise at Borobudur temple. I bought “visiting Borobudur before 6 am opening hour” trip for about Rp200.000 at Manohara hotel. It's regrettable that the sky was cloudy hence we were not able to see the sunrise clearly.... Read more >

listening to the guide in Dieng Plateau - Java: 2009

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [970]

In spite of chaotic preparation one day before the trip, my friends and I successfully flown in to Yogyakarta from Jakarta on Friday night. Ato droved us to Dieng, Wonosobo that night and arrived there at around 2 am. We stayed awake during the four ... Read more >

Photos: Indonesia

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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rafting at Pekalen River & Sunrise at Bromo - Java: 2009

INDONESIA | Thursday, 24 Dec 2009 | Views [811]

I was off from Jakarta at 8.30pm on Friday with my colleagues to Surabaya and then continued to Probolinggo with rented car. We arrived at Noars basecamp around 4am on the next day. After two hours sleeping in a comfortable sleeping bag, ... Read more >

The Valley and Phokara: May'08

NEPAL | Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009 | Views [964]

Voila! May was coming, but I wasn’t still sure whether I could use my Singapore-Kathmandu ticket, which I already bought since last year, or not. Things could spin around just like that. The newspaper had made the Nepal politics turmoil as one of ... Read more >

blood suckers in Mount Halimun-Salak Nat'l Park - Java: 2008

INDONESIA | Friday, 11 Dec 2009 | Views [1586]

After 5 hours on the road with a Mitsubishi Colt L-300 drived by the road racer Mr. O, we finally arrived at Mount Halimun National Park. At noon, we started a light trekking to the canopy trail and Cimacan waterfall. The National Park circling the ... Read more >

not for golfing in Bintan Island - Sumatra: 2008

INDONESIA | Friday, 11 Dec 2009 | Views [1118]

Less than two weeks after my arrival back in Jakarta, my friends asked me to join them going to Batam, Bintan and Singapore. It was on Wednesday night and then I already got on the flight on Thursday night with them. As the airplane was going to land, ... Read more >

rafting at Cisangkuy River - West Java: 2009

INDONESIA | Friday, 11 Dec 2009 | Views [650]

I’m afraid of water and can’t swim, still I joined rafting at Cisangkuy river in Pengalengan-Bandung. We went to Bandung at 6 am with most of the participants were from my office. I slept on the bus most of the time, since I just arrived home at 2.... Read more >

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