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ayubowan!!!! wow....look at that

Gallery: helgas folly

SRI LANKA | Thursday, 1 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

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who is this woman

SRI LANKA | Sunday, 28 Oct 2007 | Views [1858]

who is madame helga? My dreams came to life last night, not in my slumber but in real life. Tangible things that i could reach out and touch somehow crept out of the deepest recesses of my mind and into this place called Helgas Folly.I came ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: wasgamuwa

SRI LANKA | Saturday, 27 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

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night in the canopy

USA | Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007 | Views [588]

i woke today sick as a dog(as predicted) and had to skip my morning activities, Im pretty bummed but its nice being able to sleep in, my only disturbance is the little woman who lives in the camp that keeps popping her head in and insisting on me having ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

da park

SRI LANKA | Monday, 22 Oct 2007 | Views [685]

Today we finally made it into the parks boundaries. This was my first chance to observe the elephants up close, in broad daylight. We would pull the rover to the side of the path and the elephants would go about their business as if we werent even there.... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors


USA | Saturday, 20 Oct 2007 | Views [890]

Yesterday Eleanore and i woke around 7am & prepped for wasgamuwa. she will be teaching while i do conservation work. The bus arrives a couple hours late and headed out on our 7 hr journey to the park. Everytime i thought we were as far as we could ... Read more >

Tags: Lost!

Gallery: elephant ride

USA | Monday, 15 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

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woah, that things huge

SRI LANKA | Sunday, 14 Oct 2007 | Views [722]

Tags: Adventures

stupid bugs

USA | Saturday, 13 Oct 2007 | Views [680]

I have fallen deep into a routine by accident. I wake and have breakfast, spend countless hours online loading pics, come home and have dinner watch a little television and go off to bed. I could be anywhere and do these things so i really need to break ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: sri lanka

SRI LANKA | Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

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USA | Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007 | Views [685]

today,once again, my only outting was to use the internet--- im outside plenty in the jungle i am living in ,but as far as trips in town i have limited them. I didnt go to the otherside of the world to be in a city, and a dirty one at that. I spent ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

curd and whey

USA | Tuesday, 9 Oct 2007 | Views [679]

Today i chilled at an internet cafe for the better part of the afternoon. I swore to myself i was not gonna do any shopping til i returned from wasagamuwa but i found myself buying cheap but beautiful jewelry. i am trying to really cut down on spending ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating


USA | Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [603]

2AM All night i was woken by animals. I thought there was a man outside so i layed in bed with a can of pepperspray like a little scared old lady. I eventually went back to sleep and woke at about 7 am and laid in my room listening to the sounds of ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

i want kandy

USA | Sunday, 7 Oct 2007 | Views [595]

The drive as predicted was hell, long, winding, bumpy,unfinished roads didnt help my cramps at all and for the first time in my life i felt carsick. Eventually the awful roads that went up and through the hills brought me to Pinawella Elephant Orphanage.... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

beachin it

USA | Saturday, 6 Oct 2007 | Views [549]

today i made it to the beach and got a little color. My Bags finally arrived and that gave me relief indeed. I was able to wash away the smell of curry that was seeping from my pores---i reek! I have been reading all day and just layin low. Its been ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

cheap date

USA | Friday, 5 Oct 2007 | Views [561]

not a damn thing other than chillin at the downstairs bar with 30cent shots of whiskey. almost got attacked again but hotel owner came to my rescue and so did a dog that has been following me around sice i arrived. HA TAKE THAT PERVERT. he is actually ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

supeldesena--er good morning

USA | Thursday, 4 Oct 2007 | Views [1057]

I was able to sleep again luckily  and have reset my schedule. I feel great. I woke to my first morning. Roosters and crows are making a racket and the streetsare already full of traffic.. Men ring bells on there bikes selling saris and other goods. ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Made it :) my first day

USA | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007 | Views [596]

10-03-07   11:00 am wednesday The airport lost my luggage---big surprise. Im not letting that get me down though. My driver picked me up(an hour late) and tooke me to my room at oceanview guesthouse, negombo. The staff is so friendly. On the way here ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

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