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October - Back in Kep

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 5 October 2013 | Views [613]

June offering food she prepared in the morning.

June offering food she prepared in the morning.

The month long summer break has ended and my visits to Kampot, Siem Reap, Battambang, Bangkok, Nong Khai, and Phnom Penh were all wonderful with the scenery, talking with locals and meeting other travelers.

I came back to Kep in time to celebrate Pchum Ben, a religious holiday to show respect to ancestors.  The holiday is 15 days long and the last day,which was yesterday, people go to the pagodas and bring offerings like food and money for the monks.  I went with people from Kep Gardens and it was fascinating to see.  People wear white shirts and dark pants or a skirt.  Lots of food is brought, money is offered and tons of incense is lit.  We stayed and prayed and then was invited to stay for a picnic meal when it was over.  In the afternoon we went visiting and continued to celebrate the day by eating after the spirits were fed.  Food is laid out and incense is lit telling the spirits to come eat.  When the incense is finished, then the spirits are finished eating.

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Being back in Kep also means sharing the space with toads, ants and a number of flying creatures.  They bounce off the laptop at night and then into me.

School starts this week and there are 127 students registered this year. The average class size will be about 35.

I am glad to be back.  Another volunteer comes next week then 2 more after that and then it will be a full house in the bunk house.




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