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Valentines at Natural Arch

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 15 February 2006 | Views [2905]

[15 Feb 06]

I meet this fantastic chick a fair while back, we first went out on 23 December 2005, and things were going great, so i decided going some place nice on Valentines would be romantic, original plan: Purling Brook Falls. 

We headed off in the right direction, but upon crossing over into NSW we realised we did not remember the roads that well. It was getting toward lunch, and we wanted to get to our destination to eat, but as we were back tracking we noticed a sign pointing 'Natural Arch' this way, and both of us remembering it from our childhood decided to check it out since we were there. Did i add it looked like it was gonna rain since morning, and it had a little earlier, so everything had a nice shine & the leaves were a little greener. The Natural Arch track is short, but very nice, definetly worth the effort to get out there. The arch itself is where water has worn a hole in the ground from one waterfall, cutting the supply off from another, thus creating a strip or land in front of the falls. Some people call it Natural Bridge, but its no bridge, you can't cross it, nor is it really an arch, as its not curved, its more of a bar of land, the Natural Bar, drinks included (water only, BYO).   

If you follow the track you see its also created a nice little cave in the process. It goes in a fair way, and at certain times in the year bats nest there, & tiny glow worms hang from the cave top, though its too bright to see them during the day.  

So after this great little track we figure out which way to go, upon arriving to Purling Brook Falls, the rain is spitting constantly, so we decide to go without the camera, but picture this:

We carry our mini deli of a picnic box down to the falls, which are magnificent! And finding a nice spot with the best view begin to unpack. Gourmet home made sandwiches (seriously; sundried tomatos & top quality meats, etc), good cheese with biscuits & red wine, it begins to rain. Now we were very hungry, and frankly had had enough troubles today getting here, so, we decided to sit tight & ignore it. Our clothes slowly soaking up the rain, & drops falling from the gumtree nearby, right into our plastic wine glasses, thining out the good stuff, we just sat silently smiling lovingly at each other as we ate. And when we'd finished we walked back to the car & hugged to keep warm. A lovely day all in all, & one i am sure we will never forget.  

Tags: Bushwalking SE Queensland



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