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Taking the road less traveled Spending a year in five continents to embrace my "inner turtle", to live simply, and to avoid being shark bait!


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Last days at Tofo

MOZAMBIQUE | Sunday, 27 May 2012 | Views [980]

Two months flew by, and I'm at my last days in Tofo.  It is really true that time flies when you're having fun!  I cannot believe how much I've learned during my time here, and further reinforce my belief that I learn best by doing and being in the ... Read more >

Tags: inhambane, leatherback turtle, manta ray, ocean safari, orphanage, tofo

Becoming a local expert

MOZAMBIQUE | Sunday, 13 May 2012 | Views [528]

Six weeks into my program at Mozambique, and now there are only two volunteers from the April group, me and L.  The May volunteers, 9 total, have been here for a week and are settling in.  It's another diverse group:  3 Americans, 2 Brits, 2 Swiss, 1 ... Read more >

Tags: mozambique, ocean safari, plankton, tofo

Mother of All Ocean Safaris!!!

MOZAMBIQUE | Monday, 16 Apr 2012 | Views [657]

Perhaps there may be more exciting ocean safaris to come, but as of now, the one on 16th April is the one to remember! I haven't had much luck at ocean safaris (there were the whale shark and dolphins that others saw but not me, and the empty-... Read more >

Tags: giant manta, ocean safari, tofo, whale shark

The Whale Shark that was there but not for Me

MOZAMBIQUE | Tuesday, 10 Apr 2012 | Views [370]

In addition to research dives, we go on ocean safaris, again with the Peri Peri dive shop; our objective is to look for whale sharks and take that perfect ID photo, so conservation and research groups like Marine Megafauna can identify ... Read more >

Tags: dolphin, mozambique, ocean safari, reef manta ray, tofo, whale shark

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