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Taking the road less traveled Spending a year in five continents to embrace my "inner turtle", to live simply, and to avoid being shark bait!


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"Turtle" Living on the Weekends

MOZAMBIQUE | Sunday, 15 Apr 2012 | Views [622]

Weekends in Tofo crawl by, they're so very different from the past! We don't have any official volunteering work to do on weekends, so all the time are free.  Even on the weekends, I wake up at the usual time of 6:30 AM (the time I normally wake ... Read more >

Tags: cooking, marine megafauna foundation, ted, tofo

What am I really volunteering for, you ask?

MOZAMBIQUE | Wednesday, 11 Apr 2012 | Views [659]

So what exactly is it that us volunteers are doing in Tofo?  I had a hard time articulating before, but now it's much clearer. Tofo may be small but its marine environment is second to none.  For marine biologists, this place is heaven ... Read more >

Tags: djibouti, eco ocean, gill racker, manta ray, marine megafauna foundation, seychelles, shark fin, tofo, whale shark

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