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How To Plan a Trip Around the World on a Budget

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 24 August 2018 | Views [105]

Many people each year decide that they want to take some time out from their regular lives and do some travelling. For most of these people, it means going to a few countries and then returning home. However, for others, it means travelling light and trying to see the world and all it offers. The only downside is that travelling around the world can become expensive, so you need to work on a budget to keep going. Here are some tips for travelling around the world on a budget.

Get Your Finances Sorted Before You Go

It sounds obvious, but it is important that you have all of your finances in order before you start travelling. If possible, you want to be saving like mad well before your trip, so you have as much money as possible available. You might also want to think about other types of funding like loans, which you can see on this website. The best idea is to sell anything you won’t need and use the money for your trip. It might sound extreme, but if you are planning to travel for a year or more, then it makes sense. Some people also find a place where they want to live permanently, so there would be less to sort out at home.

Hire Campervans

There are a couple of big challenges when you are travelling, one is accommodation, and the other is getting around the country. If you hire a campervan when you reach a new country, you are eliminating these two problems and giving yourself a lot of freedom to explore. You might think that this would be an expensive way to travel, but it will cut down on your accommodation and travel costs in each country, so it would probably save you money. You don’t have to go for the most luxurious campervan, one that will accommodate you comfortably and is reliable will be more than adequate.

Travel Overnight

It seems odd that many people will travel all day and then go to their hotel or hostel and sleep all night. One way that you can save yourself time is to travel overnight on sleeper trains. There are many of them that travel across the country, so you can enjoy a good night’s rest while you cannot do anything anyway. You will also have the pleasure of enjoying some of the world’s most famous railways, some of them are works of art inside and go through amazing scenery along the way. For example, you can travel from Miami to New York in a single night, or you can see the lovely Bangkok to Chiang Mai route in Thailand.

See the Scenery Instead of the City

Many tourists when they visit a country, will head straight for the cities. One reason is that these are the ‘famous’ areas and the ones with the nightlife and the nice hotels. However, if you want to see the best of a country, you need to explore outside the city. There are often many amazing places that you wouldn’t get to see on a traditional tour, and if you have the transport, you can go there whenever you wanted. While some of these sites have guided tours, it is also good to explore on your own as well. You might find little pockets of beauty that you would otherwise miss. It is important to understand that if you are travelling off the beaten track and regular tourist routes, that you have equipment and supplies with you as well as a method of communication if you were to break down or get injured.

Get Food from Supermarkets

There can be a temptation to sample the local cuisine by visiting stalls and restaurants. However, this can quickly become expensive and also time-consuming. The best way to eat when travelling is to buy your food from the local supermarkets. Most of them will stock the local favourites as well as the staples of many countries like milk and bread. That doesn’t mean that you should never eat out, but it should only be done rarely so you can save some cash. It also gives you the opportunity to sample local foods and snacks that locals eat.

Working as You Travel

Working as you travel is a popular way for many to see the world without running out of money. Unless you have a lot of spare cash, you will quickly start to use your reserves and need additional funds. There are often numerous small jobs that you can do either as a one-off or for a couple of days while you are in one country. As well as working for cash, there are people that will let your work in return for food and lodging. Farms, in particular, are often looking for short-term labour, so they can get their crops planted or harvested. It is also a great way to meet and mingle with the local people and perhaps pick up some of the local languages along the way.

Keep the Expensive Activities

Even though you are travelling on a budget, you can still enjoy those special activities such as walking the Inca trail. All you need to do is plan these trips ahead of time, so you save the money you need. There is nothing worse than arriving and realizing that you won’t have enough money to do the activity you have been looking forward to for months. You can work for a little while in that country if you want to, but it will mean less time there doing the things you wanted to do. By planning these events ahead of time, you save a lot of hassle later.

No trip around the world is going to be without incident. However, if you can ensure that your budget is sorted, then it means you can deal with the other problems without additional worries. You can then explore the world and enjoy your holiday.


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