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The untouched trio of the lost world

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 9 Nov 2018 | Views [79]

‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’ - T.S. Eliot. Exploration and travel can do wonderful things for a person. It can broaden your perspectives on various cultures, or it can take your ... Read more >

Tags: lost world, travel

5 Amazing natural phenomena to see while backpacking

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018 | Views [77]

When backpacking, there are always plenty of things to see, from bustling cities with their amazing architecture and culture to natural sites like golden beaches and lush jungles. In addition to these amazing sites and sounds, the freedom of backpacking ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, travel

Four ways to make travelling more environmentally friendly

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 | Views [78]

Exploring the different cultures, tastes and lifestyles of the world is one of the great joys of travelling. Unfortunately, this comes with a downside too, and for those of us who are lucky enough to explore the world, we must accept that our ... Read more >

Tags: environemnt, nature, travel

Reasons To Get Outdoors Now

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018 | Views [76]

Do you ever feel happier after a long walk? Do you get that feeling of accomplishment after finishing a hike? Have you felt the pure exhilaration of reaching the top a mountain? Why is that? Let's take a look at the benefits of getting outdoors.... Read more >

Tags: benefits, outdoor, travel

Three cities all vegan wine and food lovers should visit

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 | Views [80]

For food and wine lovers alike, visiting cities around the world is all about checking out the local restaurant and bar scene. For vegans, however, this is not always as easy as it should be. While vegan visitors may have previously had to ... Read more >

Tags: food, travel, vegetarian

Five reasons why everyone should visit Antarctica

ANTARCTICA | Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 | Views [88]

A vast landscape of ice, as white as snow, stretching across the horizon. Its natural beauty and seclusion makes Antarctica, in my opinion, one of the most peaceful places to visit. While many people prefer exploring warm beaches, shaded forests ... Read more >

Tags: travel

Magnets, holographs and space elevators - the bold transportation of the future

ALBANIA | Friday, 27 Apr 2018 | Views [159]

Despite plenty of technological innovation, in the grand scheme of things, transportation really hasn’t changed in a meaningful way for decades.   Fundamentally, we still travel by four-wheeled (mostly) fossil-fueled cars, trains ... Read more >

Tags: future, travel

The next solar eclipses in Australia and New Zealand

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 | Views [153]

Solar eclipses are the one of nature’s greatest, strangest, and most breathtaking marvels. The sensation of watching the moon glide smoothly over the sun , plunging you in to pitch darkness, possibly in the height of the afternoon, is one ... Read more >

Tags: solar eclipse, travel

The Best Spots To See A Future Solar Eclipse

ARGENTINA | Monday, 15 Jan 2018 | Views [276]

People simply love watching a solar eclipse. A colossal 7 million people are estimated to have watched this year’s cosmic event on August 21st. People travelled in their masses from all the world to watch the event starting in Oregon and ending ... Read more >

Tags: solar eclipse, travel

Australian gems according to Instagram

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017 | Views [248]

When stumbling across a real hidden gem on your travels, one of the first things we all feel compelled to do is break out the camera and get some great photos . It’s a universal urge that’s almost impossible to resist – especially ... Read more >

Tags: australia, travel

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