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5 unusual Christmas traditions from around the world

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 7 Dec 2018 | Views [23]

Christmas is a celebration rooted in tradition, with many of the things that we now associate with Christmas having slowly emerged over time.   The first decorated Christmas tree is attributed to the Latvian city of Riga in 1510, ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, traditions

The three best sites to see in Australia

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 | Views [19]

Home to 24.5 million people , Australia is often seen as a perfect holiday destination. Despite the length of the journey from most European countries, it is a place that many people dream of visiting, and living in. It is a place of rich history ... Read more >

Tags: australia, sites

The world’s 3 best locations to row

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 | Views [17]

Rowing is a sport with many great benefits. It exercises and strengthens muscles both in your arms and your legs, it is challenging, but also fun, it can be competitive, but also relaxing, and it allows one to explore and experience a range of exciting, ... Read more >

Tags: locations

What (not) on Earth happened to Virgin Galactic?

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 | Views [20]

There is scarcely any field that billionaire businessman and founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, hasn’t invested in. From transport, to health, to broadband, to music, the Virgin brand is iconic, and it is a central part of British society, ... Read more >

Tags: virgin galactic

Three of the most polluted places on earth

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 29 Nov 2018 | Views [31]

    As a society, we seem to be taking slightly more responsibility of the waste that we produce. Only a few hundred years ago, city streets were littered with waste and disease, showered by the latrines from the windows above.... Read more >

Tags: environment, pollution

Cityscapes: Bars of London’s skyline

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 29 Nov 2018 | Views [35]

  London, being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, is home to some of the most modernist architecture you’re likely to spot. But no more is this present in a city than at night. Light pollution, whilst ... Read more >

Tags: bars, london, skyline

The Catacombs of London

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 23 Nov 2018 | Views [32]

  London’s underground is a spider’s web of long tunnels connecting the city like no other. Although you can hop on a tube and romp through the earth at your leisure, and some people do just that, there are many lesser known ... Read more >

Tags: catacombs, london

The untouched trio of the lost world

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 9 Nov 2018 | Views [51]

‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’ - T.S. Eliot. Exploration and travel can do wonderful things for a person. It can broaden your perspectives on various cultures, or it can take your ... Read more >

Tags: lost world, travel

Where are the best cities for women to start a business?

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018 | Views [45]

Although equality is still a long way from being realised, opportunities for women in the workplace are slowly increasing. Even in traditionally male-dominated sectors, women are starting to make their mark.   One such sector ... Read more >

Tags: best place, business, women

5 Amazing natural phenomena to see while backpacking

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018 | Views [47]

When backpacking, there are always plenty of things to see, from bustling cities with their amazing architecture and culture to natural sites like golden beaches and lush jungles. In addition to these amazing sites and sounds, the freedom of backpacking ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, travel

Four ways to make travelling more environmentally friendly

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 | Views [49]

Exploring the different cultures, tastes and lifestyles of the world is one of the great joys of travelling. Unfortunately, this comes with a downside too, and for those of us who are lucky enough to explore the world, we must accept that our ... Read more >

Tags: environemnt, nature, travel

Reasons To Get Outdoors Now

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018 | Views [49]

Do you ever feel happier after a long walk? Do you get that feeling of accomplishment after finishing a hike? Have you felt the pure exhilaration of reaching the top a mountain? Why is that? Let's take a look at the benefits of getting outdoors.... Read more >

Tags: benefits, outdoor, travel

Three cities all vegan wine and food lovers should visit

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 | Views [58]

For food and wine lovers alike, visiting cities around the world is all about checking out the local restaurant and bar scene. For vegans, however, this is not always as easy as it should be. While vegan visitors may have previously had to ... Read more >

Tags: food, travel, vegetarian

Five reasons why everyone should visit Antarctica

ANTARCTICA | Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 | Views [62]

A vast landscape of ice, as white as snow, stretching across the horizon. Its natural beauty and seclusion makes Antarctica, in my opinion, one of the most peaceful places to visit. While many people prefer exploring warm beaches, shaded forests ... Read more >

Tags: travel

The World’s Best Cocktails

BANGLADESH | Thursday, 23 Aug 2018 | Views [41]

  From the bohemian bars of Barcelona and Istanbul to the underground gin parlours of London and Prague, travellers love to indulge in a night of heady cocktail drinking. Here’s our favorite recipes from across the globe…... Read more >

Where to See the Solar Eclipse in 2019

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 6 Jul 2018 | Views [74]

(Img src: Max Pixel ) The next total solar eclipse will take place on Sunday 2nd of June, 2019 at 19:24:07 (UT). This natural phenomenon, which will plunge more than 50 miles of land into (almost) total darkness, will last for a total ... Read more >

Three natural wonders to see while you still have the chance

USA | Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 | Views [78]

You’ve probably heard the environmental headlines already: climate change, pollution, deforestation etc. Although countries around the world are taking positive steps towards green energies and saving the planet, the sad truth is that for many ... Read more >

Destinations for a Solar Eclipse Holiday in 2019

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 | Views [75]

(Img src: Pixabay ) A solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon that can bring the world into (almost) total darkness for a few minutes. It is the extraordinary moment that the earth, sun and moon align; which happens only a few times ... Read more >

Tags: holiday, solar eclipse

Magnets, holographs and space elevators - the bold transportation of the future

ALBANIA | Friday, 27 Apr 2018 | Views [135]

Despite plenty of technological innovation, in the grand scheme of things, transportation really hasn’t changed in a meaningful way for decades.   Fundamentally, we still travel by four-wheeled (mostly) fossil-fueled cars, trains ... Read more >

Tags: future, travel

The next solar eclipses in Australia and New Zealand

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 | Views [128]

Solar eclipses are the one of nature’s greatest, strangest, and most breathtaking marvels. The sensation of watching the moon glide smoothly over the sun , plunging you in to pitch darkness, possibly in the height of the afternoon, is one ... Read more >

Tags: solar eclipse, travel

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