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CANADA | Sunday, 8 July 2012 | Views [565]

I don't even know where to begin with this one. I can hardly believe it myself that I'm about to embark on another adventure after being jerked around in the middle east a few years ago. I came back pretty unsure about believing what people say, especially when it comes to abiding by a contract. I've been pretty happy being back in my hometown these last few years. I've had a chance to reconnect with old friends and family, and make many new friends. 

I have never went a day without thinking about my past adventures and all the things I saw and experienced while abroad. I knew I'd want to go abroad again because I don't think I'm meant to settle down right now. There is so much more to see of the world. I miss teaching, although more than that - I miss travelling. I miss seeing new places everyday and experiencing new and different things every day. I don't miss the stress of living in a new place, but I believe my exciting return to Korea will be a more smooth one compared to my first year.

I'm going to a smaller city called Ulsan. Ulsan has about 1.1 million people and is on the west coast, about 70 km from Busan. I visited Busan with my Korean friend, Sooyeon. We went for a weekend visit about four years ago. I really liked the city as it is a port city with lots to see and do, including overcrowded beaches which will be an experience in itself.

I have so much on my mind and so much to do in the next month before I depart to the 'Land of the Morning Calm.' I'm hoping this year to be able to save a bit of money which is going to be darn hard let me tell you. Considering I love to travel whenever I can, I am going to have to find a way to travel and save. Is this possible? I believe I'll travel within the country for the first six months and then let loose and take a trip outside of Korea.

Part of me is wondering why on earth I am going back to Korea, because I have been talking about moving to Thailand for ages. If I can save some money, and secure a good position in Thailand, this could be a future possibility. I really want to climb the great wall of China at some point in the next year. This China trip is at the top of my to do list.

Korea is like my second home in a way. Having been there for three years in the past, I do still have some friends there and that makes it comforting. I would love to visit these friends who live in all different cities in Korea.

I do have a few concerns, especially not knowing what school I will be placed in. I'm hoping I don't get stuck in a school like in my last year in Korea, where the people weren't overly friendly and I really felt isolated. I feel like I have to try really hard this year to befriend and make the most of this opportunity. I have had to work really hard to get this job and gather all my documents (and pay for them), in order to go back. The process is even harder now to get a job in Korea. There is more red tape and there are fewer jobs (more people applying for jobs). I'll be going to Ulsan, which is a coastal city and supposed to be a clean, and pretty city with lots of bike paths.

As I write, my to do list is not getting finished. I still have to pack and organize my stuff. I have accumulated lots of stuff these past few years. I have so many souvenirs, pictures and clothes. Piles of clothes where half of them don't even fit me.

I was biking here in my small town today, and it was the most beautiful day outside. Blue sky, sunny, with a slight breeze. I laid down beside the river and soaked up the scenery. I have grown to appreciate many things about living in my country of birth - Canada. The wide open spaces, friendly people, and natural beauty. I often wonder why I want to leave this country, especially to go to a packed, overcrowded, and often polluted place. I realize it must be because I am an adventure junkie that can't get enough adventure. Just like a heroin addict needs a drug - an adventure junkie needs an adventure.

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