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B-Boy Korea - Bust a Move!

SOUTH KOREA | Saturday, 4 August 2007 | Views [7009] | Comments [3]


^^The youtube video is from Planet B-boy. It is break dancing between North and South Korea soldiers at the DMZ (demilitarized zone) border. It is a must see. Phat stuff! Dope music and break dancing.

 A B-boy is a term for a person who is devoted to hip-hop culture. More specifically it refers to a male who practices break dance. I recently had the chance to see the B-Boy Korea show in Seoul. The show harmonizes B-Boy dance and Korean traditional music. The show was 40,000 won, and we had second row seats. Me and a few friends, were excited to see this show that we had heard good things about previously.

I like to watch break dancing, and I've seen awesome break dancing in  NYC, and in movies before (thinking about the movie, "Breakin"). I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, although I figured it would be mostly hip hop dancing. I was a bit disappointed because the first half was more like watching an amateur theater performance.

There was one part where it reminded me of a freak show. There was a Korean guy with blond dreadlocks, who was behind a box. His arms and legs were scrunched up to his ears, making him look like a midget. He was kicking his legs, and arms to the music, making it look funny as hell.

For a moment, I felt like I was watching this freak on 45 speed. 100% freak show entertainment folks. Only in Korea ;)! It was whack. I couldn't stop laughing. We kept waiting to see the boys take off their shirts and dance god dammit! "Chill out Jo," my friends kept whispering.

The Korean drumming was typical, but I've seen traditional drumming many times (thinking of Nanta performance) before. I guess they had to fill the two hours with something. Get on with the show!

Finally, after fifty minutes into the show - they started break dancing!!!!!! There were about eight dancers total who looked like Korean teenagers. There is a reason why they call it B-boy, and not B-man! At the end of the storyline, there is a B-boy battle between two sides.  

Most of the boys were good at "popping" - or as I say, "vibrating," their bodies to the beat. One boy, who looked no older than 15, could spin on his head. It looked kind of painful actually. Later in the show, he decided to be smart and put on a helmet. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to use a flash in the performance, so my pictures of the actual breakdancing, didn't turn out. Note: See youtube video for actual breakdancing!

There were a few cuties who took their shirts off, and were quite ripped from being dancers and all. It was the highlight of the show - well almost! The show left me wanting to see more dancing, since they only danced for about half an hour. The music was NOT hip hop type music. It was more of a mix of Korean traditional music, fused with hip hop music.

Disappointing to say the least. The break dancing wasn't too bad, but I've seen better. And that is my very critical review of the B-boy Korea show. If you are debating on going to see it - I'd say skip it and see the "Nanta" musical instead. Thumbs down X 3 my friends.

This link is a preview of part of the B-boy planet documentary. It's dope dawg ;)! I especially like the Koreans break dancing in the subway in Seoul, at the end of the video.



Disclaimer - B-boy Korea is a spin-off from the documentary that was recently made, called, Planet B-boy.

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now that video has put a smile on my face. ha ha ha... great work!

  crustyadventures Aug 6, 2007 11:05 AM


hello.how are you this weeke?can you send sms your programe this to me

  sokkim Aug 18, 2007 4:23 PM


powerful pexster saying keep it real I'm routing for all bboys peace powerful pexster kids are fresh

  PEXSTER Oct 24, 2008 5:16 PM

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