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What a Rush!

SOUTH KOREA | Monday, 25 June 2007 | Views [4110] | Comments [1]

I DID IT! On Sunday, I had the chance to go bungee jumping. I went on a day trip adventure with the group called, 'Adventure Korea.'

There was a mix of 28 people both Korean and foreigner, who went on this amazing rafting/bungee trip. We spent the day white water rafting along the Hantan river, in the suntam valley, Gangwon-do province. The whole rafting trip took about 2.5 hours, but the rapids were not very strong.

Unfortunately, monsoon season is just beginning, so the river felt like class 2 rapids. Compared to when I went white water rafting in Phang-Na, Thailand; this was very tame. The fun part though,was all the games they would get us to play during non-rapid times.

We stopped along the side at one point, and because it was a high level of land, they turned the raft over, covered it with water, and had us run down the hill, while slip sliding across the raft, into the water. We also did wrestling on an upsidedown raft, that was floating on the water.

My friend, thought she was tough, and tried to take me down..she wasn't prepared for a fight though. We both ended up in the water, laughing hysterically. We also played stand on the side of the raft and rock the boat to see who would fall in. I got soaked through, and through all day, and had a jolly ole time,body surfing down the rapids, while getting dinged on the butt from jutting rocks.

I heard a gross story from our experienced, good-looking Korean rafter guide (who spoke a little bit of English). He told us that the water was full of shit. I don't know what kind of shit, but some kind of animal dung. I don't know what he was talking about, but everyone was swimming in it anyway. I didn't smell shitty, so I figured it couldn't be that bad! haha.

After rafting, I was dead tired from all the dunking, and going overboard, while being pulled up lifevest first by our guide. I also knew that I was about to be challenged with going bungee jumping or not. My friend said she was going, so I said to her, "if you do it, I'll do it." Famous last words, I thought.

When we arrived at the bungee jumping point, I almost had a heart attack. The plank like, steel structure was off a bridge that we had to climb up swivel stairs to get to the top. I was told that the jump was 54 metres high. Me and a few others, just stood watching people jump from the side of the bridge. My friend was already at the top and yelling down to me to get my butt up there. Stat!

I said to her matter-of-factly, that I was just watching what I was about to get myself into - meaning being a crazy ass 'daredevil' who was facing her worst fear. 

I finally got up the nerve after ten minutesto go and climb the steps to the top platform where seventeen other crazies were waiting to be suited up to jump and to take their lives into their hands. Most people were wearing harnesses that I've never seen bungee jumpers wear. I thought it was more of a foot pulley you were attached to.

Anyhow, he tried to suit me into a harness, but being the busty girl that I am..well he couldn't fit it around my chest. No kidding!

He said the only option was to do the 'leg bungee.' I thought to myself, "come again my friend." There were only two or three others doing the leg style jump. Apparently, it is scarier, because you have to dive off the plank. My logical thinking at the time was that, shit.. I am already at the top and if I chickened out, I would look like a big balk, balk chicken. Plus, I paid 30,000 won ;)

After a brief minute (felt like an eternity), I said okay, "let's do it." I waited a long time to jump, and it seemed like forever. I watched everyone thinking to myself - how crazy they are, and how crazy I'm about to be. Some looked more scared than others. One girl in particular, almost didn't jump. I was happy that she didn't chicken out.

Actually, I'm glad I didn't chicken out. Visions of me, in a chicken suit with eggs being shot at me, quickly crossed my mind.

When it came to my turn, I went close to the edge, but then held onto the side. The guy said to me, he would count to three, then I had to jump (dive more like it). He said, "don't hold onto the side." I thought, "yeah, easy for you to say buddy." After his first count, I couldn't jump. I have never, and I mean never, been that scared in my life. The scenery in front of me was breathtaking, and I was trying to focus on that.

There were mountains, forests, and houses dotting the countryside. I took a deep breath, and after his second count, I dove off the end, in a perfect swan dive, I might add.

I don't remember much about the jump except, It looked like I was going right into the water below me. As I was just about to hit the water, I was pulled back up, and that was the scariest part. I was oblivious as to where I was. I was just screaming as loud as a tyrant.

I bounced about five or six times. My top was about to come off, and I knew that I had to hold it down; and that was all I was concerned about at the time. Knowing that everyone, and I mean everyone (including the big group of drunk Koreans picnicing at the bottom of the hill), was watching me. 

There was a boat waiting to grab me, but I couldn't stop bouncing. As I was about to get into the boat; I heard the drunk Koreans, yelling for the Korean guy in the boat to dunk me in the water. I was so petrified at that moment -being disoriented and all; that I landed in the boat head first. And, I have a huge 'goosehead' on my head to prove it people!

Well, once I got back on safe landing, there were many people waiting there, and I got a big hand for jumping. It was a freeing, and thrilling; albeit scary experience. I don't regret doing it in the least.

The ride home was sweet. Our bus had the music blaring, and I was really 'buzzed' for most of the trip home. What a memorable, and fun Sunday. The group guide took some pictures from up at the top. I will post it when I get the pictures.

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After reading bout this white water rafting and bungee jumping, I wish I had been there. I am living in Seoul area and would like to know if you can send me directions and/or a good phone number so that I can go and bungee and rafting?

thank you

  steve martel Aug 3, 2007 4:55 PM

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