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Canada Day in Korea ~ Woodstock style

SOUTH KOREA | Tuesday, 3 July 2007 | Views [1756]

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, held a Canadian Day event at Nanji campground in Sunday, July 1st. I had missed this event last year, and was determined to check it out this year. Am I ever glad that I did.

The weather was horrible. It had to be Murphy's Law that it decided to pour off and on all day on Canada Day. We weren't sure where the place was, so we took the subway to the station marked on the website, and decided to just walk straight. We walked for over fifteen minutes, and I was getting worried that we were going the wrong way.

After a good fifteen minutes, we saw the signs for Nanji campground, we could also hear the music blaring. We started singing along with, "It was the Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams that the band was playing. When we arrived, we just walked right in, but were told that we had to go to the front gate to check in. Once inside, we lined up for some great chicken shawarmas by Pita Pit. There were many big canopies set up, and there were many Canadians there, all dressed up in Canadian gear.

I was happy to see they had, "Moosehead" beer, and Red Rock. Both East coast beers. We grabbed some beers (nothing like drinking at 2pm in the afternoon), and waited in line for some grub. There must of been about 200 people or more there. While looking for a place to sit, I heard my name being called out.

My friend, Kerry, and her husband Phil were there. I was so happy to see them, cause we had met during our March training, and hit it off. They are Teachers from Toronto area. We sat with them, and met their friends.

They had a tug-of-war competition going on, and Phil was involved in it. I was told that the central team of Canada had already been put out of the competition. Too bad I missed getting into it. We watched the tug of war, and chit chatted for awhile. They had a raffle draw for a return ticket to Vancouver from Seoul. I was praying I would win it, for the reason that I've been saying I will get to the West coast for the last ten years or more. Unfortunately, I didn't win. A Korean girl won - go figure!

It was pouring all day, and most people were just sitting around, and drinking. I had brought a Canadian frisbee my Mom had sent over to me. We played frisbee in the rain, and had a good time. I heard some yelling, and saw that people had started to jump, and splash in the mud pit that was circling the front of the stage where the band was playing.

There were only a handful of people that were daring enough to get all muddied up. We were all watching, and taking pictures. I met my friend Aaron there, and he was in the mud. Next thing I know, Aaron comes up full of mud, and gives me a big hug. He also hugged my friend, Kerry. We both looked at each other, and decided to go run and play in the mud too. It was hilarious. We were having a mud fight. Aaron was sliding in the mud, and then his friend dared me to do a slide in the mud. I figured why not, cause I was already covered.

I ran and tried to slide in it. I don't think there was enough water in the mud, because I didn't slip as much as I wanted. I actually landed hard and ended up with cuts and scrapes on my elbow. I also hurt my side, and am seriously bruised on the side of my abdomen. That'll teach me to take dares. I wonder how old I am sometimes. :)

Well my friend, Daniella got all of this on camera. I wanted to get her in the mud but, she just wanted to take pictures. After all the mud fun, I went to clean off in the tap. I was covered with mud, and there were not showers. I had to go home like that, and I didn't live close either.

I was asked by my friends to go out for drinks after the party. The party ended at 6pm, and we were all pretty tipsy. I said, "I can't go like this" and they laughed, and said, "We are all muddy!" So, I couldn't really get out of it. Six of us somehow squished into a taxi, and headed for Itaewon for more drinks. The drive over to Itaewon was so much fun. We were all cracking jokes left and right. I was laughing so hard, I almost pissed myself.

We ended up going to the Canadian bar in Itaewon. It looked like we weren't the only ones with the same idea. The bar was packed like sardines. It was so hot in there also. We had a quick drink, and took off to another place. As we were walking to the other bar down the street. A Korea guy starts talking to us. He could hardly speak English, but he was soo funny. He kept saying, "Me friendwy" and "me you friend." A few of my friends stayed back and chatted with him. Me, Kerry, and Phil took off towards the bar. We ordered beer, and food. About ten minutes later, the rest of the crew shows up with this Korean guy.

He was hilarious. I think he was gay. He kept trying to hug my friend Phil. Later on, Phil said to us, "Let me take a poll, who is annoyed as fuck at this guy?" Only two of my friends out of six said they weren't annoyed by him. So, Phil switched seats. It was too funny. Me and Phil had a great conversation. He had been in Phuket, Thailand during the Tsunami. He was in Patong Beach area. He told me about the whole experience he had. It was a truly sad thing. He was amazed at the Thai people, and how altruistic they were.

I will be visiting Phil, and Kerry in Phuket, next month. They are staying at a Resort on Patong beach, and I'll go visit them. I can't wait. The night ended around 9pm, and I headed home with mud all over me. I sure got some funny looks on the subway. :)

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