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Jo's Korean and Other Crazy Adventures Jo is coming back to teach in China for a second year that is sure to be filled with new crazy adventures!

South Korea

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Good-Bye Korea ~ An End to a Four Year Affair

Friday, 16 Aug 2013 | Views [913]

So much has happened in these last few months. I had signed a contract to go to China and would have been on my way there in a few days, but I changed my mind. I got sick these last few months and after a lot of stressing and decision making - I decided ... Read more >

Advice for Newbies coming to Korea

Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013 | Views [2870] | Comments [1]

  Are you ready? It is hard to believe that in August, lt'll be almost four years that I have taught in the 'Land of the Morning Calm'. Not four years consecutively mind you. I first started teaching in a private 'hakwon' in 2005. Now eight years ... Read more >

Tags: advice, culture, psychology

China - Me in a Communist Country?

Thursday, 6 Jun 2013 | Views [721]

Yes, you read right! I have accepted a teaching position in China for September 2013. I am a bit stunned myself. The contract looks very good and I am working for a Canadian company, but working at a Chinese middle school. I couldn't pass up teaching ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, risk

Photos: Japanese Fortress Wall

Saturday, 27 Apr 2013 | Photo Gallery

Saesangpo near Jinha Beach
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Spring at Last

Saturday, 27 Apr 2013 | Views [957]

  I once wrote a poem called 'Spring', which I totally forget at the moment. I left all my poetry in a binder in the basement of my father's house. Maybe it's time to write another one. Spring has finally hit South Korea. I had the chance ... Read more >

Tags: birthdays, change, meaning of life

Photos: Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival in Busan

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013 | Views [2302] | Comments [1]

On the day of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, a fire festival is held in cities throughout Korea. This was the first fire festival I have ever attended in my 3+ years in Korea which is a shame. I recently went to check out the fire festival ... Read more >

The Last Four Months Condensed

Sunday, 6 Jan 2013 | Views [609]

Where did 2012 go? I can't believe we are already in 2013. I have been the worst person for not writing about my adventures in the last four months. I had a rough start getting sick the first few months or more. I thought I would never get better. I ... Read more >

My Three Week Whirlwind

Sunday, 9 Sep 2012 | Views [1089]

I can't believe it! Three weeks have already flown by. So much has happened in the last three weeks since I arrived back in Korea. I decided to return to Korea for the fourth time. After realizing that I was going nowhere in Canada and with no full-... Read more >

Third Time's A Charm?

Friday, 24 Oct 2008 | Views [1640] | Comments [1]

After being away from Seoul, Korea for six months, I decided to bite the bullet and come back to 'Korea Sparkling,' and 'Land of the Morning Calm.' I decided that being offered more money and more holidays, plus getting a chance to see all the great ... Read more >

Tags: culture, outlook, philosophy

Busan Christmas trip with Soo-yeon

Thursday, 21 Feb 2008 | Views [2143]

From December 21st to 24th, My best Korean friend and I took the bullet train down to Busan. Busan is Korea's second largest city, and it has the second biggest seaport. Busan sits on the southern coast of Korea. I had been wanting to visit Busan for ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, beaches

Jeju Island and Jen's Visit

Saturday, 9 Feb 2008 | Views [10647] | Comments [2]

My time in 'The Land of the Morning Calm' is coming to a sad end. In a few weeks, I'll be on my way to Thailand for a week vacation, then I'm off to teach English in Cambodia for three months. I want to backtrack right now because I have done so much ... Read more >

Tags: the great outdoors

B-Boy Korea - Bust a Move!

Saturday, 4 Aug 2007 | Views [6771] | Comments [3] | Video

  ^^The youtube video is from Planet B-boy. It is break dancing between North and South Korea soldiers at the DMZ (demilitarized zone) border. It is a must see. Phat stuff! Dope music and break dancing.  A B-boy is ... Read more >

Tags: i should have known better!

Boryeong Mud Festival 2007 - Let's Get Dirty!

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007 | Views [6384] | Comments [6]

"Let's get dirty," was my theme for this past weekend, where I visited the 10th anniversary, of the Boryeong Mud Festival. I went with  the "Adventure Korea" tour group, to Daechon Beach, which is two hours south west of Seoul, ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine

"How can a Fish Survive without Water?" ~Templestay Weekend

Friday, 13 Jul 2007 | Views [3393] | Comments [1]

"How can a fish survive without water?," was what we were asked to meditate on by our host monk, during our 20 minute sitting meditation. I went on another 'Adventure Korea' trip, but this time I went on a Templestay weekend to Naesosa Temple, ... Read more >

Tags: adventures

Canada Day in Korea ~ Woodstock style

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [1795]

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, held a Canadian Day event at Nanji campground in Sunday, July 1st. I had missed this event last year, and was determined to check it out this year. Am I ever glad that I did. The weather was horrible. It had ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

Gallery: Bungee/rafting adventure

Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

Went bungee jumping/rafting in Gyeonggi province
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What a Rush!

Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | Views [3896] | Comments [1]

I DID IT! On Sunday, I had the chance to go bungee jumping. I went on a day trip adventure with the group called, 'Adventure Korea.' There was a mix of 28 people both Korean and foreigner, who went on this amazing rafting/bungee trip. We spent the ... Read more >

Tags: adrenaline

Small Improvements count

Friday, 22 Jun 2007 | Views [2051] | Comments [1]

What a week! This past week I have been giving conversation tests to each student one-on-one. I am testing their knowledge of the lessons we have covered thus far. I was very happy to see that they have improved since the first time I interviewed them ... Read more >

Tags: work

Today's Rant - Rote Learning is a Crock of Shit

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007 | Views [4589] | Comments [1]

Rote learning is a learning technique which avoids understanding the inner complexities and inferences of the subject that is being learned and instead focuses on memorizing the material so that it can be recalled by the learner exactly the way ... Read more >

Tags: work

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