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Hoi ta toi toi! Chip chip cheeerio! Merry Trentadue's all up in the UK ...watch out! Travel Journal Here we go again!

Photos: Cambridge, land of the bikes and castles

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 4 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Norwich, a UK Halloween!

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 4 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Norwich, around town with Ellen :)

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 4 Nov 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Smashed up Cambridge!

USA | Wednesday, 3 Nov 2010 | Views [320] | Comments [1]

With only one day of recruiting, and only 5 info meetings, I walked away with over 100 applications from the University I was at in Cambridge! Haha. Nuts!  I'm very sleepy, but time to storm another University.  Travel plans always changing... Off ... Read more >

Happy Birthday Dad and Deb!

USA | Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010 | Views [266]

No time for a recap - lots of journaling to catch up on, but I have lots to do tonight, and more info meetings tomorrow! (in Cambridge). So, I'll have to bag log sometime soon.  I.O.U... Norwich recap, Cambridge recap, and LOTS more Traveling to come! ... Read more >

Oct 28th: First Info Meeting, Off to England, Cambridge (the land of bikes), Norwich.

USA | Saturday, 30 Oct 2010 | Views [639]

Oct 28th - My first day of Information Meetings for VESA. (Volunteer Eco Students Abroad). After a week of recruiting on campus, I hold Meetings from 10-4, starting a new meeting every hour. While on campus, I saw flyers for the old company I recruited ... Read more >

Photos: Belfast buildings and things.

IRELAND | Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: County Kerry Ireland

IRELAND | Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

Tralee, Gap of Dunloe, Ring of Kerry, Some castles... Southwest Ireland :)
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Oct 24th-28th: Belfast, Northern Ireland "Oh, that's Grand!"

USA | Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | Views [1498]

Belfast is Northern Ireland, UK. So they used the £ Pound here, not the Euro, and are a part of the UK. Things I've noticed they say a lot here... "Grand" - Grand is the American for good, or fine, or sure,  but sounds weird to me.... Read more >

Oct 22-24th: Beautiful Southwest Ireland, land of 1,000 rainbows (i just made that up, i think)

USA | Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | Views [1028]

The road trip was about an hour-ish from the Cork Airport. Sean, Leanne and I caught up, which was so fun! As we got closer, we drove through a town and I yelled something like: "Holy crap! A castle! Is that a Castle?! And why is it attached to ... Read more >

Oct 21st - 22nd: London Customs vs Irish Customs. (can you guess where this is going?)

USA | Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010 | Views [1133]

Appoligies ahead of time for the poor spelling and typos. The keyboards are a little different, and I'm going to be fast, as Internet doesn't flow free from the mountian tops as it does in the states. I finally found a free computer at Belfast Uni ... Read more >

Who can't find their ipod the day before a flight to England?

USA | Friday, 22 Oct 2010 | Views [393]

Spoiler alert: ME! Kind of a bummer, but I have my old Nano, so at least I'm not totally music less. Packing catastrophe number two: I was SO excited to get to wear my gray wool pea coat in England! How perfect! Until I realized, I decided it's too ... Read more >

making plans, still no packing

USA | Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010 | Views [382]

Funny things I'm thinking a lot about packing: 3 weeks worth of protein bars hand weights kick-boxing and yoga DVDs almonds a bikini  Starbucks instant coffee thingies Funny thing I keep thinking about: do they have Halloween in the UK? ... Read more >

Photos: LAX-LHR

USA | Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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LAX-LHR - October 17, 2010, ticket booked. GULP!

USA | Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010 | Views [706] | Comments [2]

Well, here we go again! Sunday morning, Oct 17th, I get an email asking if I care for a trip for a few weeks. With only a day to think about it, I decided to accept the job offer to fly me to the UK until Nov 15th. My first instinct was "no, ... Read more >

Scuba diving trip - Great Barrier Reef

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 Jun 2008 | Views [660] | Comments [1]

It was SO FUN! THe first day the dive center picked me up and took me to the jetty where one of their boat took us 2 hours out to meet the livaboard dive boat called the kangaroo explorer. The KE stays out there forever, and the little boat brings new ... Read more >

whit sundays sailling trip - airlie beach

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 5 Jun 2008 | Views [639]

The whit sundays sailling trip was great! went to white haven beach on the first day, it was REALLY pretty. google it :) it's one of the top 10 beaches in the world or something. really nice. did lots of scuba diving... i was planning on doing one dive, ... Read more >

Fraser Island, 8 irish guys, merry and a camper van

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 29 May 2008 | Views [894]

This is going to be really short... sorry! internet is expensive, and I can't be bothered to sit infornt of a computer at all anymore. Reality is going to be awful when I have to leave this wonderful land of backpacking. Fraser island was fun! 11 people ... Read more >

Noosa everglades canoe trip

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 23 May 2008 | Views [4450]

So I hop on the grey hour bus at 6:45am in Byron... at 1:30pm I get to Noosa! It's a really pretty, warm sunny day. The Gagaju Bush Camp van picks me up at 4:30 and we head to the supermarket so we can buy our food for camping. We rock up to the camp, ... Read more >

Byron Bay and my plan until jun 13th

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | Views [621] | Comments [1]

Byron bay was amazing! I love it there! i definelty could have wasted my entire month holiday in that little beach town. Lots of drinking on sunny patios, surfing, a trip to Nimbin. ha. My prize for being the top recruiter this season was a $100 gift ... Read more >

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