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Homeward Bound!

MALDIVES | Thursday, 9 Jun 2016 | Views [222]

Well, I've finally left Landaa. The last couple of weeks were interesting. I finally got to the point where I really just didn't care so that meant that I started to let crazy Celina out a bit. I became a lot more social during that time which was a ... Read more >

The End is Freaking Nigh

MALDIVES | Thursday, 19 May 2016 | Views [241]

Titling this one with a quote from the Supernatural final. I'm in my last weeks here in the Maldives. I've become our go to person for Russian courses while our Russian speaking instructor has been restricted to out of water duties. I've managed to get ... Read more >

Photos: IDC and IE Maldives

MALDIVES | Saturday, 23 Apr 2016 | Photo Gallery

Some snapshots of the IDC and IE in the Maldives
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IDC and IE

MALDIVES | Saturday, 23 Apr 2016 | Views [257]

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life... So, it's been awhile since I've arrived in the Maldives and I think I'm passed the adjustment period, however that doesn't mean I haven't been emotionally sidelined ... Read more >


MALDIVES | Monday, 4 Apr 2016 | Views [199]

Well, I've been in the Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru for about three weeks and it's been an interesting ride thus far. I was blown away at the start. Coming from the traveling road of sleeping in hostels, eating the cheapest things I could find and spending ... Read more >

Cebu City... again

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 4 Apr 2016 | Views [266]

Back in the city. I realized that I booked too many days here, but that's fine, it gives me time to study and write. My first day back was mainly business. The ferry ride over was about 2 hours. I tried to sleep unsuccessfully. I did get awkward sunburn ... Read more >

Alona Beach, Bohol

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016 | Views [211]

A double ferry ride adventure to get here, but worth it. I put myself back into a dorm which worked out great because I immediately started talking to people again. I could tell that I needed it. A bunch of us from the hostel went out for dinner and ... Read more >


PHILIPPINES | Friday, 4 Mar 2016 | Views [248]

Ah, I don't think it ever felt so good to be on my own again. I honestly didn't realize how hard it would be to travel with someone. I know that I'm quite independent, but I didn't realize how much of my own time I need. It's tough when you travel with ... Read more >

Bit 'o the Philippines

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 29 Feb 2016 | Views [332]

Manila and the start Well, been in the Philippines for awhile and it's quite an interesting place. The initial culture shock was quite a bit much; as soon as I got into Manila, I wanted to leave. The best thing about it was meeting up with Chris. ... Read more >

It's been a while...

PHILIPPINES | Sunday, 24 Jan 2016 | Views [304]

It's been a long time... Well, I really did mean to write up on my adventures, but work, and at one point sickness, got the best of me. If you can believe it, I finally left Australia I was having a hard time with it again. It didn't really help that ... Read more >

Back in Cairns!!!

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 19 Oct 2015 | Views [235]

  So, I know I said that I would catch back up on this upon my return to Oz, but I've been quite busy with my traineeship and just now have had the time to finally sit down and recap a bit of the last few weeks. First things first, I am ... Read more >


USA | Thursday, 11 Jun 2015 | Views [129]

To say I've adjusted to being back "home" wouldn't be 100% truthful. I've started to get things squared away and started to get back into the groove of work, even if it is just temporary for 3 months. It is definitely weird being back. I'm having a bit ... Read more >

Return to Cairns

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015 | Views [148]

After a long month and a half away, I'm finally back home in Cairns. She's still just as gorgeous as ever and actually has a few minor changes with different businesses opening up and what not. I didn't sleep much on my red eye flight from Perth, so ... Read more >

Finishing Auckland and Perth

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 14 May 2015 | Views [143]

Sorry this one took a little bit to get out. I wanted to put it out after I had finished up my stay in Perth. Not like any of you are waiting with baited breath to hear what I've been doing. Trust me, it's not that interesting. Anyway... I finished up ... Read more >

Trains, Planes, and Kiwis

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 4 May 2015 | Views [144]

This week was a lot of travel, and by travel I mean sitting on planes and trains. I finally shoved off from Darwin. Probably some of the most productive stuff I did there was darken my tan. After a snafu with my hostel booking where they didn't add my ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 27 Apr 2015 | Views [132]

I made it up to Darwin, and surprisingly, the train ride coming up wasn't that bad. I normally like train rides, but the one from Melbourne to Adelaide was a bit boring at points. I managed to get some good sleep on the train actually, and you get much ... Read more >

Alice Springs and Uluru Tour

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 19 Apr 2015 | Views [161]

So, I managed to get out of the cold in Adelaide to experience the warm in Alice for a few days before it went down to cooler temperatures just like in Adelaide. A couple days it was warmer back at home. My first impressions of Alice were not the best.... Read more >

Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 12 Apr 2015 | Views [168]

Adelaide kind of reminds me of an East coast college town. The museum and art gallery are nice. I had a good time traipsing around in there, especially on a rainy day. I got to explore the downtown area near Rundle Mall. It's got quite a few shops and ... Read more >

Melbourne, Adelaide, Easter

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 5 Apr 2015 | Views [163]

Well, it was a good thing I came into Melbourne during the comedy festival. I got to see quite a few free shows and have a few good laughs during my short stay here. I had a tour guide on my waterfalls tour that said that people tend to either prefer ... Read more >

Leaving Cairns :(

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2015 | Views [200]

I apologize in advance that this may be a bit of a downer post. I have just left my home in Cairns for Melbourne. It's a bit of culture shock going from such a cute, quaint city to a large metropolis. The worst part was leaving my family of friends that ... Read more >

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