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Cebu City... again

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 4 April 2016 | Views [208]

Back in the city. I realized that I booked too many days here, but that's fine, it gives me time to study and write. My first day back was mainly business. The ferry ride over was about 2 hours. I tried to sleep unsuccessfully. I did get awkward sunburn lines however, since I was on the top open air class and in the one spot where the sun was hitting. After getting to the hostel it was nap time for a bit. Afterwards, I dropped off laundry and decided to take a walk. Staying at the same place, I knew my way around pretty well, but I was headed somewhere different. I was looking at some of the malls in the area and thought about going to a movie, and decided on Deadpool. The Ayala center was the only one with it playing, so I decided there. It was about a 45 minute walk. The walk wasn't too bad, but I am starting to get sick of and annoyed at all the hellos and calls I get while walking down the street. No matter, I rocked up to the mall a bit early, so I decided on a haircut and bubble tea. Then, movie time. I treated myself to some nachos and headed in. I had a mini scare when I went to buy the ticket because I forgot that it was rated R and I didn't have my ID with me. Luckily they must have figured that a girl on her own in the Philippines was clearly over 16. I was interested in how the movie was "different" from the other Marvel movies and wasn't too disappointed. Going meta and doing many fourth wall breaks as well as a cheeky opening credit sequence made it quite entertaining. I emerged from the theater to a darkened world, it was about 8 and I was contemplating getting a taxi back to the hostel when I just kept walking. It was quite pleasant outside at any rate, and it did me good to get some exercise. I didn't manage too pick up any breakfast food, but I was content just to go to the little bakery in the morning.
The next day I had decided to walk to the Taoist temple and then back to the Ayala center to watch Zootopia as I was hearing good things and I could see it around midday. I forgot that this hostel isn't the best for chatting up new travelers, it seems like most people are just in transit and set on their path. I got up a bit later, popped by the bakery for water and breakfast, then set off on the route google maps had given me. It took almost an hour to get there, but I made it. I slipped my jeans over my shorts and put on my long sleeve work shirt so that I could go into the temples. There were some really cool dragon sculptures and some great views of the city itself. It was quite a nice view. It was also interesting that the temple is in the Beverly Hills suburb of the city and it is called that for a reason. The houses are quite shwanky, by anyones standards. Sure, they're not the gargantuan mansions of L.A. Beverly Hills, but they are all very high brow. I putzed around the temple for a bit, checked out the gift shop and bought a bracelet for good fortune, because I'm always a sucker for those Buddhist type things, changed, and headed back for the mall.
I had a bit of time before the showing again, and wandered again. I found some great ideas of things to buy back home at some of the outdoor adventure shops, including a Lifestraw water bottle. As it was Tuesday, I rocked up on a taco Tuesday deal. I got my cilantro fix and free iced tea. It roughly satisfied my Taco Bell chalupa craving I had about a week earlier, so that was good. I was starting to hit an afternoon slump, so picked up a coffee and headed into the movie.
I thoroughly enjoyed Zootopia. I got put back in my storytelling zone. I love the way going to a movie in the theater can transport you. I get fully immersed in the world and often forget where I am afterward. It totally recharged my love of storytelling and writing. I laughed, I cried, and wanted to watch it again immediately afterward. Unfortunately, as I would find out the next day, that was the last day it was to be played. Though it was just released in the states the previous weekend, it had been out over three weeks here and new movies swooped in to replace it. Though immersed in the story, I couldn't help but delight in how well the script was crafted. From previous call backs to making little details come full circle, it moved at a quick pace, nothing was excessive and everything contributed to the overall story. And, of course, the central relationship went through all the key points making you laugh, cry, and delight. I have to admit I was genuinely scared at points and even surprised by certain events. It was well crafted. I've got some major work ahead of me to create something that comes close to it.
After the movie, I finished my saunter around the mall, picking up foodstuffs to last me my last few days in the country. Then, it was time for the walk back to the hostel... after some gelato with a free scoop. However, talk about awkward. Eating ice cream is strange in itself, but walking down the street at dusk, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible while eating ice cream and being the only foreigner in sight is just ridiculous. I paused at an ATM with a waste basket and perplexed the guards inside the banking establishment. Eventually I made it back and after washing the dirt and who knows what else off, I picked up some random thriller book in the hall and read. I also started looking at dogs, which I should never, but frequently do, and found quite a nice pup that I sent a picture of to my mom. I laughed when one of the first responses back was "dad wants to know if you need us to go pick him up." If only. The pup's birthday was a month before Lucious's, and his name was Lucas. Two Luke's, both retriever crosses. I do really want a dog since Lucious passed, but I'm sure I need a bit of an adjustment period when I get home seeing as I have dealt with it by not dealing with it. How healthy. More study days await me, then, it's back in the air and off to the Maldives!

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