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The adventures of the Mel


SINGAPORE | Sunday, 14 January 2007 | Views [961] | Comments [1]

Well howdy there folks.

I write to you in an internet place just around the corner from our hostel in Singapore. Today was the first day I really got explore, as I have been pretty much bedridden for two days. Think fever, body aching, splitting headaches, intestinal upsets and most importantly, intense vomiting. Chelsea thought I was flushing the toilet. Too much information? Yes, but I figure if I had to suffer, you had to at least know what it was like. So imagine all this: firstly on a turbulent plane, then on a chaotic one hour shuttle bus ride facing side-ways, then on an unfamiliar bed in a humid, sticky room. Yep, I've had a great time. Well, Chelsea has.

I am lying on the bed, feeling downright sorry for myself, when in she walks triumphantly, holding shopping bags like trophies and looking downright complacent. And to top this all off: she declares that she thinks that Singapore is her favourite city. Ever. Melbourne, you've been deserted. Mind you, she does have a tendency to exaggerate at least several times a day. That is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. This is the best frozen yoghurt I have ever eaten. This is the best meal I've had in over two years. No wait, this is the best frozen yoghurt I have ever had. So it's possible, Melbourne, that she does still love you. We'll have to wait and see.

Ok, so backtracking a bit...

We didn't really do much else in KK; I went for a swim and we watched Constantine. Great flick. Hello Keanu. Andiamo a letto? Had an awesome breakfast the next morning, they even had pancakes with maple syrup! Awesome. I believe I partook in that!

Our ride picked us up at 9:45 for our flight, and he was officially the coolest person that we had met in Malaysia. Period. I'm not sure whether he was stoned or whether he was just so overcome by our combined radiant beauty that he felt nervous and hence giggled at everything we said, but hey, he was bloody hilarious. His name was Sam, not Same. No e, just in case you were confused. He was great, amused us the entire way to the airport, and we got a photo to boot. Choice.

Landed in Singapore and got a transfer to our hostel, which I then lay in bed all day. As I was feeling so unwell, and Chels wasn't feeling so crash hot either, we got a double room rather than a dorm. Chelsea was a good little trooper and stayed in with me that night. Had a fitful night sleep and awoke feeling still quite ill. Spent most of the day in bed, at least until Chels walked in gloating. So apparently Singapore has amazing shopping. I mean, it's only got a shopping mall on every block on Orchard Rd, which is a five minute walk from our hostel. Pfft. She flashed her prizes around and declared utopia, flouncing on the bed with tired glee.

This motivated me somewhat, and I hauled my sorry ass out of bed. No food poisoning/gastro/intense-bed-loving-sickness is going to get the better of me. I waddled down Orchard road, pausing to catch my breath and rest my resentful legs. Had a look at a lot of the shops, but wasn't really in the state for shopping. Mind you, I lasted about 2 or 3 hours. I thought I was ace.

Singapore is a far cry from KK. In fact, when I first trundled out, the first thing that struck me is how similar it is to Melbourne. It is governed by a friendly kind of chaos, people milling around and shopping, eating and gossiping. I quite like it, and now wish that I had more time here. It is definitely western with a capital west. I guess, sadly, that is why we feel so comfortable.

When we got back, we lay down and read for a little bit, and I felt a lot better so we decided that as it was Saturday night, we'd go out for a party. We found this really awesome DJ place that was going off, and Chelsea the little raver had a great time. We were approached by a guy offering us pills. We were about to wave him away when he explained that they were actually a legal version of MDMA. Essentially the high without the sentence. Sweet, we thought. We bought several and danced the night away, not worrying when police came in and started strip searching everyone. I also think that I may quit teaching and become a nun, because I am just not getting enough from my life and intelligent design is just so much more logical than the theory of evolution, though I may have to quit my astounding drug habits.

In reality, I continued to lie in bed and accidentally memorised phi to 37 decimal places. I am the supreme party animal.

So I awoke quite refreshed this morning and decided it was time for me to venture out into the big wide world of Singapore. We spent most of our day on Orchard Rd, doing some more shopping, well I followed Chelsea around anyway. We interjected a couple of stops at home to rest my weary bones and do some reading. I only bought one book, and I walked into a store which had an entire floor of skirts and didn't buy a single one! I am awesome.

I have vastly improved throughout the day, I am almost 'normal' now. Crazy. After dinner we stepped out into the area known as Little India. It was just fantastic. There was a sea of people, ebbing in and out of streets complete with eddies surrounding small market stalls. It had an atmosphere similar to the show, but it was an older crowd and frankly, a sausage fest. We sauntered down a few side streets, cruising as fast as the ocean would take us. It forced us to take in the sights and the smells of the markets beside us. The traditional Indian music topped it off, creating a wonderful ambience that just made me smile. It was certainly a cultural experience. We wandered through, and made a few small purchases at a few of the stalls, just enjoying the amble.

At about 8:45 we thought we'd head home. So here I sit now, updating you on our adventures. I'm about to head back to the hostel and do some more reading. Mmmm....reading.

Hope you are all well, I will post one last time at the airport tomorrow night, but chance are you won't read that till I am home! 

Selamat malam, take care!

Love love.

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Melanie, Melanie, Melanie....
You are slipping, you forgot to add that after your incredible high you awoke the next morning (from a drug induced sleep) to find that you had both been whisked away to some underground sex trade ring.
love you both
love love

  Gloria Jan 15, 2007 7:01 PM

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