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Quebec Carnaval

CANADA | Monday, 4 February 2008 | Views [1541] | Comments [2]

Well, I certainly didn't feel that great the day after my last post, I tell you! I always knew there was a reason I didn't drink beer. Because it makes you SICK!

Had to get up at 10:30 to check out and in again (changing to a dorm), which left me plenty of time to feel sorry for myself before I headed off to the first event of the Carnaval, the Dog Prix. I can't remember what is called, but it definitely has a prix in it. Essentially a dog-sled race.

It was cute, and everybody loved it, hooting along for the little puppies, who were mostly enjoying themselves (though some kind of looked like they'd rather be somewhere else). We watched that for a while, and saw Isobelle, the Quebec woman who took us ice-skating. In hindsight, there was definitely some truth to her "Crazy Aussies" she kept saying and shaking her head. My 'mini-blizzard' was in fact, a blizzard, that they get once or twice a year. And we went freaking ice-skating. In your face blizzard!

We went with Isobelle to another section of the festival and stumbled upon the most fantastic improvisation percussion group. If I could figure out how to post videos, I'd stick it up. Instead of drums and actual instruments (with exception of one), they had buckets, saucepans, bins, sled bits and other things that they banged and somehow made very funky music.

We then wandered over to the Plains of Abraham (a park) where there were  lots of ice sculptures in the process of being made - most of them were pretty damn cool, and it turns out that some of the coolest ones were done by teenagers. We walked over further to find....are you ready.....that's right ladies and gentlement, human foosball. Hell yeah we did it. Thankfully the ball didn't come near me often, but it did smack me in the head. Ah, if only you were there to laugh at me. Oh well.

We then went into a bar where I had a power nap and woke up feeling fricking fantastic. Seeya later hangover, hello beer. Okay, not really. I wasn't going near the stuff. But I did drink later on. We went outside and did some snow rafting and stuff, but time got away from us, and all of a sudden it was time for the opening ceremony (that was supposed to happen the night before and was cancelled for the blizzard I spent half the night in!). In all my life, I have never stood so close to fireworks. A few sparks fell into the crowd and it felt like it was exploding just above our heads. Very cool, but also made me a little edgy.

After the fireworks they had a cover band playing some great 80s and early 90s tracks. Not the 80s that make you cringe and run, but the 80s that you think, hey! I remember this song! I used to love it. So then you groove around on the ice carefully, trying hard not to slip over

*side note: I have no idea what those bastards were sooking about the night before. On our way home, Clint and I spied the ice-rink, covered in snow, all alone and untouched by human hands. Far too tempting. So we bolted onto the snow, making a mess, shoving snow down each other's tops.....anyone would think I'd never seen snow before. Anyway, some guy started yelling at us and moved from his lookout where he was obviously protecting the ice-rink. From people frolicking in the snow. Yeah, we ran. It was awesome. So I don't know why he got upset - all the snow was cleared off anyway. Sooky-la-la*

Anyway, the music was great, and we jived for a while on the ice-rink. I taught Clint and Tim some cool dance moves, but unfortunately it was a little squishy for crowd favourites such as the lawn-mower and parallel park. Next time, Gadget.

Then we left to have dinner then go to a bar. Just in time too, because then the band finished and it turned into Chelsea-heaven. To the bar! Which, turned out to be a club, so I was really no better off. Warmer though. I stood around with Clint and Tim whilst the girls danced their little shoes away. Almost makes me wish I knew the music to get excited about it. We even saw the two Canadians from the night before, but unfortunately it turned out the cute one was a complete tossbag and we couldn't wait to be rid of him. Always the cute ones. So right at this point of the night I really wanted a Snuffy Pig hug. Thankfully, Clint tired of the club so we went home. Thank Jebus.

A tired end to a great day. I will leave you with a guest section entitled;

"Clint's Pearls of Wisdom"

Foreword: Clint, not unlike our beloved Chelsea, has the ability to speak before he thinks. This is just a taste of the past few days that I have had.

1. 'Half is not full'.

Thanks. We were worried.

2. 'Ha ha! Who would order a pizza to an Italian restaurant? Oh wait....he works here. Damn'

Spoken as the delivery guy returned.

There were many more, but unfortunately there's no more time this evening (that is, I can't remember - half of them were when we were drinking). Until next time.

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I think Chelsea got that from me :)
Did you know that they were having Carnival there before you lobbed up?

  Sally Feb 5, 2008 2:42 PM


I did, but it was a coincidence to fit into my plans. As it was it made booking accommodation a little difficult. But, after the nights I had, well worth it!

  mel_mel Feb 5, 2008 2:44 PM

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