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Big Small Journey Off on the adventure of my lifetime: 5 glorious months of sun and snow in South America, then the UK for further fun and frolicking.

La Paz, Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 30 Apr 2008 | Views [904]

It´s probably the most chaotic place I`ve been to, worse than the cities in China. The traffic is confused, both sides of the road is open to any drivers that dare go there. Pedestrians scrampering about everywhere. Nobody really obeys the traffic ... Read more >

A note on my well-being

BOLIVIA | Monday, 28 Apr 2008 | Views [623]

3 months of travel now, how am I? Pretty good actually. Physically, a bit bloated from eating out all the time, sampling the local cuisine. Irregular exercise, and carrying my massive bags (around 25kgs I think), I´m feeling strong but unfit (does ... Read more >

The most miserable night of my life

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 27 Apr 2008 | Views [556]

Hate to sound over dramatic, but it was indeed one of the worst nights of my life. We got to Uyuni after the 3 day tour of the lagunas and salt flats (and being stranded in the desert), and I jumped on the bus to La Paz. It was a 12 hour journey, no ... Read more >

Lagoons, thermal pools, flamengos, lots of salt

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 26 Apr 2008 | Views [642]

It was 1 hour to the border with Uyuni (where everybody used an old bus for toilet), then hopped into a jeep with 5 other fun travellers. Off we went to see the lagoons and infamous Salt flat of Uyuni (biggest and highest in the world). Day 1: First ... Read more >

Gallery: Lagunas and Salt flat of Uyuni

BOLIVIA | Friday, 25 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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San Pedro de Atacama (lost my little camera!)

CHILE | Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008 | Views [672]

It was a bit of a whirlwind the last few days, very fatigued. I arrived San Pedro Monday afternoon, found a cheap hostel at the edge of town, and ventured out to a nearby Inca ruin with a bunch of people I met on the bus. The little I know about Inca ... Read more >

Gallery: San Pedro de Atacama

CHILE | Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Santiago

CHILE | Monday, 21 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Santiago - my lovely but temporary home (getting fat)

CHILE | Monday, 21 Apr 2008 | Views [638]

I am happy to report I did very very little in my 4 days in Santiago. Day 1, Wednesday, arrived at Eugene´s (Lorena´s Dad) home around 9am and had a breakfast of tea, bread, ham, butter, and jams - a regular start to the day here. Lunch was around ... Read more >

Gallery: Valparaiso - paradise of thieves

CHILE | Monday, 21 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Valparaiso - day trip packed with danger and action

CHILE | Saturday, 19 Apr 2008 | Views [1718] | Comments [1]

Hi folks. More and more I feel like I´m taloking to a silent audience, I don´t mind it, but sorry if it´s weird that I address you etc. It kinda reminds me of that famous guy in psychology (Jung?) with a theory on stages of development, and one characteristic ... Read more >

Gallery: Torres del Paine

CHILE | Thursday, 17 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Arrived Santiago - encounter with police en-route

CHILE | Wednesday, 16 Apr 2008 | Views [737]

It was a hectic and boring 2 days of bus travel. It was still dark when I left the Residentio in Puerto Natales with my super fat mega packs and strode to the bus stop. I dozed a bit on the way to Punto Arenas, but was a bit worried about missing my ... Read more >

The hardest bitch on earth

CHILE | Monday, 14 Apr 2008 | Views [738] | Comments [2]

If you will forgive this bit of ego-flaunting, I just survived a very tough trek and feel like giving myself many pats on the back (and kisses on the arse).  Torres del Paine ... it was take 2, and with many question marks on the way, I finally did ... Read more >


ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008 | Views [658]

I saw snow! It was raining, then it started snowing, and it was amazing! I got to El Calafate yesterday about 10am. Uneventful flight, managed to find people to share the 50 peso cab ride from the airport into Calafate. Met Kat at the hostel! It was ... Read more >

Gallery: Making Dulce de Leche (a kind of fudge caramel) and other things

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Farm, sunrises and sunsets, moon

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Horses!

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

Horse riding and gaucho stuff up near Mercedes, 2 weeks
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The Gaucho experience

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [1873]

Wow, and wow. I loved it, but there were many bad bits as well. Firstly, the good. Riding is amazing. I went out with the gauchos 5 times (5!!!), riding the fields, slashing through tall grass, herding cows, making my cow herding noises. You have ... Read more >

El Campo

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Views [745]

I'm in this massive flat flat land, lots or horses, lots of cows, lots of chickens, ducks, turkeys, birds, toads etc, and lots of insects. Been here a week now, have a few riding lessons, helped the experienced guys train horses. Riding, catching horses, ... Read more >

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