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Day of rest

MEXICO | Monday, 25 June 2007 | Views [1116]

Despite my big plans to go the anthro musuem, and do some interviews with my video camera ... I'm giving myself a day of rest. 12 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row, and for once I feel rested. After a wonderful breakfast of chilequiles, scrambled eggs, papaya and cafe con leche, I decided to join the Quaker meeting that happens here every Sunday. Although I had heard no one speaks (I had never actually been to a Quaker mtg), I was worried I would have to say something I was thankful for, introduce myself, etc.. but no, it was just an hour of silent mediation, and indeed no one spoke. About 15 people attended, mostly for the US, 2 mexicans and 1 girl from Canada. It was very relaxing and just what I needed. All that was required of me was silence, and at the end, to say my name and where I am from.

I washed some clothes.. hope they dry before the afternoon rainstorm lets loose. The storms here have been regular, and bien fuerte. In San Miguel in particular, the lighting storm was like nothing I had ever seen, for almost an hour... shooting across the sky and roaring thunder to compliment it all.

1:30 joining a bunch of other northamericans from the casa to watch the Us/Mexico soccer game. My first big social event, and a soccer game at a bar at that... I'm very excited. I'm sure any of the people I would have interviewed today would appreciate that I choose the soccer game instead...

Later on there is a potluck here, which will also be a nice gathering, and 8:30 tonight I have my first official mtg with other folks from the summer project, a small welcome, before we start tomorrow bright and early...

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