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Trip: WorldNomads Scholarship

There are [7] stories from my trip: WorldNomads Scholarship

My Scholarship entry - A local encounter that changed my life

WORLDWIDE | Saturday, 10 Mar 2012 | Views [445] | Scholarship Entry

We had been stuck in the car for an hour trying to get into the little town of Totnes for late night Christmas shopping. The most frustrating part was the huge bus in front, completely obscuring the view ahead so that we had resort to moaning about ... Read more >

Tags: travel writing scholarship 2012

My Little Costa Rican Adventure

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011 | Views [506]

So I am in Alajuela and the epic adventure that was Costa Rica is coming to an end. God it´s been good. I remember being sat on a bus coming from San Jose International Airport on the way to my hostel. It was dark, I couldn´t see much beyond ... Read more >

Tags: volunteering

Motorbike Delight

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 13 Feb 2011 | Views [229]

"Hop on" he said, looking at me with cheeky eyes and flashing me that gorgeous grin. I smiled back and climbed warily on the back of the motorbike, well aware of a lack of helmets. "Ok, but no fast stuff yeah?" I ... Read more >

A travel book to read for sure.

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 5 Dec 2010 | Views [147]

It was cold. Well, when I say 'cold', I mean the air around me was cold. I walked down the high street in Newton Abbot drawing my coat closer around me in an effort to ward of the biting chill. My train doesn't leave for another hour so I decided ... Read more >

Old Ladies, Headphones and a theory on grey hair.

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 3 Nov 2010 | Views [190]

She gave me the meanest stare I've had in a while. I smiled nervously and looked away, continuing my walk down the street, still feeling her gaze burn into the back of me like a stab from behind. The person in question was a small old lady, wrapped ... Read more >

The Travel Urge Hits Me Hard.

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008 | Views [152]

The walk to work usually gives me too much time to think about things. And today, I was thinking about the world. I have a huge passion for travelling and have already clocked up a fair few countries on my travel tab. However, the journey bug has ... Read more >

Bus Rides And A Passion For Writing

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 15 Sep 2008 | Views [100]

So when I travel on the bus on the way home from work (hey, it's better then clocking up the mileage on my vintage wheels!) I see people, places and incidents that always make me want to write something. Today I got to thinking about stereotypes ... Read more >

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