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My fans are constantly nagging to know everything about me so I figured that if I put it all here, they will stop sending me mail, accosting me on the street and/or stalking me. ;)

I love goats cheese.
I'm a flowery hippy type - like an eccentric cat lady.
With no cats.
I've managed to climb three of the biggest and well known volcanos in southern Europe and it was amazing - Mt Etna, Vesuvious and Stromboli. In fact, travelling in general is of great importance to me. I've been to Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, South Africa, France, Korea, India, Honduras, Sicily, Tunisa, Sweden, California, The Netherlands, Costa Rica and Italy.
I'm sort of a wonderer, a free spirit. Call me loose footed or nomadic. Often vanish with just my passport and a backback.
I send my friends weird stuff in the post.
LOVE street art and I like taking photos of really stunning stuff that I chance upon.
I take the dried fruit out of museli.
Amazing pieces of music make me cry.
Love vintage clothes stores and vintage clothing in general.
I own a mannequin.
I am not a fool but neither am I a genius.
I do not possess the body of a model, yet neither am I mistaken for a manatee.
Nik Naks are my ultimate choice of crisp.
I adore beautiful people in general, no matter the gender.
I'm a PADI Open Water qualified diver.
I like the arty tags that you can get on designer clothes - sometimes better then the actual clothes.
I'm half Italian and spend a lot of time out there on the family farm. I'm proud of my dual nationality yet wish I could speak the language to a higher degree of fluency.
Scratching an itch is one of the most satisfying sensations in existance.
Love stuffing Pitta bread with all sorts of yummy food. Including goats cheese.
I enjoy peeling hard boiled eggs! Something very satisfying about it.
I wear feathers and beads and braids in my hair. Sometimes all at once.
I like cutting out interesting articles in newspapers.
I'm OBSESSED with tree houses.
Dreadlocks can be completely stunning. I have two.
Terry's Chocolate Orange is THE most gorgeous chocolate in the world. Nothing will change my mind!

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