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Catch up for a few days

PERU | Friday, 14 Sep 2012 | Views [297]

Hello! It has been a few days...I was trying to keep up the writing by hand and then type it up but it just hasn't happened so today we are going by memory.   Think of it as a clean summary, miss out the boring information just give me the highlights ... Read more >

The Itch makes me smile.

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 8 Sep 2012 | Views [135]

It's Saturday today which is market day.   Therefore we went to market.   It was in this little town/community called Agua Santa and it was brilliant.   Very small but it seemed to function really well and I just loved being there and experiencing ... Read more >

Jungle times.

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 7 Sep 2012 | Views [174]

I am sat/lounged in a red and blue stripey hammock (not entirely sure how you spell that?) hanging from the hut and over looking this gorgeous jungle.   I woke up at %:15 to go for some breakfast with the birds.   We went on a short walk to find the perfect ... Read more >

On a bus on some bendy roads,

ECUADOR | Thursday, 6 Sep 2012 | Views [213]

Hola! Im on another bus and this one is going from Tena to Agua Santa and my gosh are the roads bendy.   I don't think the bus has steered straight for more than 2 metres. I am actually so happily satisfied and full of acheivement right now.   This ... Read more >

The first 3 days...

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 5 Sep 2012 | Views [289]

Day 1/2ish So it has started and I can certainly title this travelling.   I am on my second day of planes and flights and man do I feel strange.    Airports can have so many different energies depending on time but also massively on country.    I had ... Read more >

Two weeks to tick by...

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 20 Aug 2012 | Views [222]

Here we are with two weeks to go...infact this time in two weeks I shall be soaring through the sky to Miami to soak up its airport offerings.   This shall be followed up with the second leg of the flight to Peru! I am currently sat in my English ... Read more >

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