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Trip: Arabic and French in Morocco and Senegal

There are [65] stories from my trip: Arabic and French in Morocco and Senegal


MOROCCO | Thursday, 12 Jun 2014 | Views [352]

Not since Rome have I been so sure that I was going to get run over. In Rome it was the fault of the drivers. Here, it's because the pedestrians are insane. I'd noticed that a little bit with my walk with Nathan and Erika Sunday, and then a bit more ... Read more >

Tags: food, gardens, moroccan students, school, tour

Are You My Mother?

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 | Views [325]

The next day, my roommate and I woke up in time to be showered, dressed, packed, and leaving for breakfast by 9:00. We came to find that everyone else had beaten us to the breakfast room, though not by too much. (We were supposed to leave at 9:30.) ... Read more >

Tags: arabic, food, host family, moroccan customs

To Rabat

MOROCCO | Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 | Views [426] | Comments [1]

I'd never flown to Paris before, so I had no idea what the Charles deGaulle airport was like. This might have been good if I'd been in a “I wonder what's at the end of this hallway” sort of mood. Since I was instead in a “Please let ... Read more >

Tags: airports, food, program

High Flying, Adored

FRANCE | Sunday, 8 Jun 2014 | Views [321]

My goal for this (and really, most) trips is that it will be a learning experience. And I'm learning so much already! Lesson 1: $400 is a really good price to upgrade to business class. If I didn't believe my family when they told me that, watching the ... Read more >

Tags: food, plane

Ready? Or Not...

USA | Friday, 6 Jun 2014 | Views [193]

 At the moment that a trip out of the country switches from being in the dreaming future to being real and imminent, I begin wondering if it's too late to back out. There's something about setting aside a shirt that I know I will not wear until ... Read more >

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