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Looking Back at Senegal

Tuesday, 1 Jul 2014 | Views [422]

 The saying “it's the journey and not the destination that matters” does not apply to airplane travel.  First of all, airplane trips are all about the destination. You constantly need to present your boarding pass to prove that ... Read more >

Tags: french, airplane, airport, culture, interesting

Last Day in Dakar

Sunday, 29 Jun 2014 | Views [441] | Comments [1]

 Our final lecture in Senegal was so hard to listen to. To begin with, the speaker was quiet. And there was construction going on outside. It was the same building we'd been in for the last two lectures, but suddenly, there was construction. And ... Read more >

Tags: haggling, lecture, monty python, shopping


Saturday, 28 Jun 2014 | Views [348]

 After catching the ferry back from Goree (it was much less crowded this time. I also got to sit upstairs close to the edge of the boat. The breeze was so refreshing, and the sun wasn't in my eyes.) we checked in to the hotel. We had five minutes, ... Read more >

Tags: accents, electricity, lectures, migration, money, monkey

The Rest of (our Visit to) Goree

Saturday, 28 Jun 2014 | Views [320]

 The tour began by leading us past several artists and shops selling bracelets and necklaces. One of them recognized having talked to Natasha on the ferry and tried to sell her a necklace right there. After we repeated “we don't have time.... Read more >

Tags: cora, dancing, goats, haggling, shopping


Saturday, 28 Jun 2014 | Views [361]

 The “hotel” we were staying in at Goree was called “L'auberge la Maison du Marin de Goree.” “Auberge” means “inn,” “hostel,” or something between the two. That's a very quick description ... Read more >

Tags: bissap, food, hotel, showers

Isle de Goree: Boring/Academic Side that Nisrine Needs to Write About

Saturday, 28 Jun 2014 | Views [417]

 The bus took us to the ferry landing. Before I left the bus, I just stared out the window and thought “really? I need to walk through all these people with my bulging bag (we left one bag at the hotel, so we were all carrying everything we ... Read more >

Tags: lectures, money, ocean, slaves, tea

Another Day Another Destiny

Friday, 27 Jun 2014 | Views [368]

 The next day was slightly better. Assuming you define “better” as “easier to stay awake” or “shorter.” For a definition that doesn't include either of those, it was about the same. Breakfast was the same as ... Read more >

Tags: fish, lecture, religion

Lectures and Meals on 3.5 Hours of Sleep

Friday, 27 Jun 2014 | Views [314]

There are breakfasts that are worth getting up early for. There are breakfasts that would have been worth getting up at 7 for. This was not one of them. The best thing I can say about it is that the caffeine in the coffee seemed to be real. It ... Read more >

Tags: embassy, food, lectures

First Sights in Dakar

Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014 | Views [501]

 One of the first rules of going to a place like Senegal is to keep an open mind. Senegal is a “least developed country,” and constant wishful reminisces to how things are in the United States or Morocco will just lead to disappointment ... Read more >

Tags: airplane, airport, dakar, water



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