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Tests, Plums, and Cats

JAPAN | Monday, 28 Mar 2016 | Views [383]

On Wednesday my religion and culture class was cancelled, which should have made the day seem shorter and better by comparison. It didn't. In part this was because we had our second Japanese test, immediately followed by two hours of project work.... Read more >

Tags: castle, cat, coffee, plum trees, tests

Orientation, Orientation, Orientation

JAPAN | Saturday, 16 Jan 2016 | Views [235]

At 8:35, the exchange students in my class all met up with a few roommates outside the building to head over to the international center building for our placement test. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the international center if you need to wait ... Read more >

Tags: academics, housing, introductions, orientation, tests

Nothing like a three-hour French test to get your day off to a good start

FRANCE | Monday, 7 Sep 2015 | Views [212]

One of the classes I’d registered for was French, so that needed to begin with a placement test. We were told to show up at precisely 9:00, and expect it to take about 3 hours. Because I can never get enough of French placement tests (why else ... Read more >

Tags: cultural differences, french, registration, tests

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