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Last Full Day of My Vacation

USA | Sunday, 15 January 2017 | Views [171]

Last full day of the trip is here.  We got up, had coffee and were on the road by 8:30 this morning.  Kevin wanted to get back with enough time to stop at “Woolies” (Woolworths) to get some groceries.  And it’s right by the South Melbourne Market so we are going to have lunch there, YEA!!

The drive home was through the Otway forest and it was spectacular.  A deciduous forest with HUGE Ferns.  Like the drive yesterday, the road was very winding.  It reminded me a bit of driving through the Black Hills, but with different trees.  That part of the drive took about 45 minutes.  We then got to level land and eventually to the interstate, where I fell asleep.   I didn’t come to, until we were about 5 minutes outside of Melbourne. 

We parked the car at Woolies and walked a block to the Spanish restaurant where Joe and I ate at the 2nd day of the trip.  I was happy to eat there again because I wanted another Brekky Bruschetta.  People around us had the Paella, which looked fabulous.  I bet Luis would have ordered that dish.   On the way out of the restaurant, we passed the area where they were making the paella.  They had 3 large paella pans each in various stages.  One just starting, one about finished and one that they were serving from. 

I waited outside while Joe and Kevin did the shopping.  They didn’t take long and we headed to the apartment.  We got everything upstairs in one trip.  Kevin left to return the car and Joe and I did our thing on the computers.  Of course I am working on the blog.

We just hung out at the apartment for the rest of the afternoon.   Kevin did game with 3 other guys online for awhile.   We went to Criniti’s for dinner.  We had a fabulous last supper.  I had the macaroni 3 meat, Joe had lasagna, very good and Kevin had the gnocchi Alfredo, also very good.  We did have a calamari starter as well.  AND, we ordered a dessert plate that came with cannoli’s, tiramisu, ricotta cheese cake and ice cream.  Just as we were finishing dessert, Praba, Kevin’s friend from work joined us for a coffee and the desserts we couldn’t finish.  We had a nice time visiting and broke up around 7:30. 

I finished the blog and will do my packing tonight. I have scheduled a 7:30 AM pickup for the ride to the airport. 

Vacations almost over.  Now to get home and see everyone I missed.





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