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Social Game of Bridge

USA | Sunday, 8 January 2017 | Views [355]

Today is Sunday and it was supposed to be cooler. We didn’t want to stay in the apartment, so Kevin called a couple he met at the bridge club and arranged a game. But first, Kevin had to go to the market and get groceries and some household supplies. Since Joe and I didn’t want to go, he left around 8 and was back by 9. He has a little cart, Aussies call it a trolly, that they use to carry groceries.

While Kevin was gone Joe and I took showers and had a bit of breakfast. Around 9:45 we headed to the tram stop. We have to transfer in the Central Business District and pick up the 109. The same one we took yesterday. However, this time we didn’t go as far. Michael Bugler and Phillip Evinson live in the Vietnamese area, just a short distance from the CBD. They have a lovely house with big windows. It was a very nice house and we enjoyed them very much. We played bridge for about an hour and then decided to go to lunch. They have a favorite restaurant called Van Mai just a short walk from their house. Along the way we saw a sign for "Kevin's Hairdressing", we got a chuckle over it.

They had brought a bottle of wine along and we enjoyed an Australian bottle with our lunch. I mostly enjoyed the wine. Phillip kept filling up my glass and I think I had about ¾ of the bottle. Not that I minded. I had the roasted duck with plum sauce, Joe had fried noodles with seafood and meat combination. Kevin had sweet and sour chicken and the two others had sweet and sour pork and pork ribs. The duck was fabulous and it was a great meal. We visited for awhile and then headed back to their house to play some more bridge. Around 4:00 we quit playing and checked the tram schedule. We had a few minutes to wait so we just visited. We soon headed out to catch the tram. The ride back was quick and it was a lot less crowded, so this time we got seats.

We came back to the apartment and decided to just have sandwiches for dinner. We’ve had enough of eating out this weekend.

Tomorrow is a work day for Kevin. Joe and I are going to find something to do, but don’t feel like planning anything tonight. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.



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