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A Year Down Under

Finally catching up...

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Nov 2009 | Views [513]

Hello hello. It has been WAY too long since I've last updated. I even started writing an update awhile ago and didn’t get the chance to finish and post. Soooo I’ll still post what I started last month and add on whats been happening since then.... Read more >

Is it fall or spring??

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Views [320] | Comments [2]

It's nearly the end of September and it still amazes me how quickly time is seeming to go. I'm on to my third week at my new job and it seems like I've just started. The first two weeks were somewhat slow but things are starting to pick up now. I now ... Read more >

Let's go Buffalo!

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Sep 2009 | Views [340]

Hello :) Another week gone! I have offically started my new job and am liking it so far. Its still very new so I'm spending my days observing and following around the other women that work at the center. It is a small team but they are all quite nice ... Read more >

Roundabouts, wide right turns, and windshield wipers...

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009 | Views [398] | Comments [1]

G'day :) Another week has gone! Time has been going pretty quickly and I can't believe we're well into September already. I will be offically starting at my new job on the 14th which I am very excited about! It will definately be a challenge, but something ... Read more >

Do you have a crumpet button on your toaster??

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 2 Sep 2009 | Views [1166] | Comments [1]

Hello :) So do you have a crumpet button on your toaster? lol Probably not, but Dane does. I learned what a crumpet is this week and that it is different than an english muffin, but not that different in my opinion. I had them for breakfast this morning ... Read more >

Job hunting...

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 24 Aug 2009 | Views [395] | Comments [6]

It's only been just over a week since I've been here but I'm adjusting pretty quickly to life. It really doesn't seem as different being here than being home. I don't feel like I'm on the other side of world anyway. I still haven't had the chance to ... Read more >

Gallery: Australia august '09

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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G'day from Wangaratta :)

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009 | Views [375] | Comments [1]

I have successfully made to the other side of world with all my suitcases. I ended up having 4 pieces of luggage total and which were within the size and weight limits! I landed in Melbourne, Victoria Saturday morning (Friday night in the USA) and had ... Read more >

How many suitcases can I take?

USA | Thursday, 30 Jul 2009 | Views [342]

Hello :) I have 15 days until I start my journey to the other side of the world. I can't believe its almost time to leave. I decided sometime in April that I would take this trip and now it's the end of July and almost time to go! I moved back home ... Read more >

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