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Jarrod & Krystals Euro Trip Hello and welcome to our online travel journal!!!

Gallery: Sailing Croatia

CROATIA | Thursday, 3 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Venice

ITALY | Monday, 30 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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St Johann in Tirol, Austrian Alps

AUSTRIA | Saturday, 28 Jun 2008 | Views [648]

St Johann was absolutely amazing. It is a very small town in the Tirol region of the Austrian Alps, famous for skiing. We stayed in a 600 year old lodge which is now a small backpackers. We arrived before lunch so had plenty of time that day to walk ... Read more >

Gallery: St Johann in Tirol

AUSTRIA | Saturday, 28 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Munic

GERMANY | Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Munich, Germany

GERMANY | Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Views [453]

Munich, the Beer capital of the world. We arrived mid afternoon after a stop over in Salzberg where the sound of music was made. We choose not to stay there overnight for that reason. First night we were there Germany were playing Turkey in the Eurocup ... Read more >

Vienna, Austria

AUSTRIA | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Views [770] | Comments [1]

The bus trip through to Vienna was long...... The weather is starting to get really hot.... One of our stops along the way was at a service station and we couldnt help but laugh at some of the things they were selling. There was T-Shirts and cups etc ... Read more >

Gallery: Vienna

AUSTRIA | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Prague

CZECH REPUBLIC | Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Berlin

GERMANY | Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Prague - Czech Republic

CZECH REPUBLIC | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Views [650]

Another early morning getting onto the bus and heading for the capital of Czech, the country that consumes more alcohol per person than any other in the world. And the drinks are cheap too... woohoo  Along the way we had a couple of stops, firstly in ... Read more >

Berlin, Germany

GERMANY | Sunday, 15 Jun 2008 | Views [578] | Comments [2]

Arrived in Berlin, Germany, after 10 hour bus ride which included crossing the Netherlands / Germany border. We got through without being stopped but aparently they regularly check people leaving Amsterdam (not sure why that would be...) As we got ... Read more >

Gallery: Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Sunday, 15 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Amsterdam - The Netherlands 11/6 - 15/6

NETHERLANDS | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008 | Views [666]

We caught our 1pm bus to Amsterdam, and were pretty excited. The bus took about 5 hours, and our tour guide who was ment to tell us all about Amsterdam and what to do, fell asleep the whole way there. We arrived at our hotel (not Hostel this time!!!) ... Read more >

Gallery: Brugges

BELGIUM | Saturday, 7 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

The home of Chocolate and Beer!!
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Bruges - Belgium 07/06 - 11/06

BELGIUM | Saturday, 7 Jun 2008 | Views [732] | Comments [1]

We took the B usabout bus to Bruges from Paris at 8am in the morning and arrived at Bruges at about 1pm. Our hostel was about a 20 min walk from where the bus dropped us off so we were able to walk through the town and see what it was like. Bruges ... Read more >


FRANCE | Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Views [493] | Comments [1]

4th June, we arrived in Paris from Athens. It was a long flight as we flew with budget airline Easyjet.. Airport was really busy, and of course being in Paris no one wanted to speak English. We caught the train to our Hostel, the transport there is ... Read more >

Gallery: Paris

FRANCE | Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Greek Islands - Mykonos 29/05-31/05 Santorini 31/05-03/06

GREECE | Friday, 30 May 2008 | Views [843]

On the 29/05 we caught the ferry to Mykonos, 1 of the Greek Islands.  The Ferry cost about 54Euro each and took about 4 hours to get there.  We had to be on the Ferry at 7am so we were up at about 5am (We said we would never be up this early again).  ... Read more >

Gallery: Greece

GREECE | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Photo Gallery

Athens and the Greek Islands
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