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the end of the road (huw and rose)

JORDAN | Sunday, 17 Apr 2011 | Views [2279] | Comments [12]

The blog has been left unattended for some time now - a very long gap, even for us. The reason neither of us have felt like writing, or even remembered that this site existed, is because we've been going through an exceedingly tough personal time. ... Read more >

new country new look (rose)

JORDAN | Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 | Views [1321] | Comments [2]

Wanda's in the mood for a makeover. Not only is she sporting some sexy new rubber, she's also had a tattoo. While I was on my little jaunt to Zanzibar at Christmas (meeting old friends and revisiting the school I'd taught at over 10 years ago), ... Read more >

welcome to... (huw)

JORDAN | Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 | Views [1174]

We've been living in Arabic countries now for nearly a year and one thing keeps happening, almost every day. It happened again today, this morning, as we were walking up a hill in Amman, past a barber's shop where men were being shaved and ... Read more >

as you wish (rose)

JORDAN | Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 | Views [992]

Classic moment the other day when we stopped at a roadside 'kowich' shop in Petra to have our old tyres switched for the shiny new ones we found in Amman. [After usual exchange of greetings, pleasantries, oohs and aahs at the truck...] Us: Can you change ... Read more >

so what happens now? (rose)

JORDAN | Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011 | Views [1217] | Comments [2]

So here we are in Jordan. It's been a hell of a week. First off, we had to deal with leaving Dahab and our friends there. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but harder still in the midst of unrest and uncertainty. It wasn't easy, at all, and ... Read more >

the two campervaners of the apocalypse (huw)

JORDAN | Sunday, 6 Feb 2011 | Views [1259]

We leave the UK, the Tories take power and predictably myopically create a double-dip recession that is both unnecessary and excruciating.  We travel through the tranquil country of Tunisia and less than a year later more than two hundred people ... Read more >

goodbye egypt (rose)

EGYPT | Wednesday, 2 Feb 2011 | Views [987]

It was certainly never part of the original plan, but Egypt became our home for seven months. That glorious, sweltering first month in Siwa oasis, good times in Alex, Cairo and at the ecofarm in Ras Sudr, and then of course five heavenly months in ... Read more >

news report (rose)

EGYPT | Friday, 28 Jan 2011 | Views [1163]

I read the news today, oh boy. It seems the recent Tunisian troubles are spreading. For two days, the people here in Egypt have showed their anger at the rising food prices, high unemployment and governmental corruption at protests on the streets ... Read more >

streets of glue (rose)

EGYPT | Sunday, 16 Jan 2011 | Views [914] | Comments [2]

I won't call it a new year's resolution, as that would mean it had been broken before it had even begun, it being mid-January already somehow (where do the days go?) but I do intend to write this blog more often in 2011. I manage most day to find ... Read more >

rover roaming (rose)

EGYPT | Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010 | Views [961] | Comments [1]

For six days, eight of us drove south from Cairo, along the Bahariya oasis road, turning off after 200km into the desert. Like, properly into the desert. Like, not another living soul to be seen desert. (Well, for the most part.) Like, dunes and rocky ... Read more >

mal and john and a jordan jaunt (rose)

JORDAN | Sunday, 28 Nov 2010 | Views [1096]

When I returned from the yoga safari, Huw's mum and dad had already relaxed into Dahab life, though suffering a little from the heat. Lucky they hadn't come a month earlier when temperatures were high in the 30s! They stayed with us over a week;... Read more >

a reflective ride (rose)

EGYPT | Saturday, 20 Nov 2010 | Views [776]

For three all-too-brief days I took a yoga safari with El Salam Camp . There were 10 of us, plus our teacher Dakini, two puppies to be found a home, and four Bedouins to lead the way, tend the camels and make camp. It was a magic time, and couldn't ... Read more >

real life (rose)

EGYPT | Monday, 1 Nov 2010 | Views [1121] | Comments [4]

Dahab has sucked us in. Life here has become 'normal' as normal can be, though to be honest, like living in Brighton, 'normal' feels a bit like living one big holiday. We still have the luxury of not having a routine - of course that makes me slightly ... Read more >

work hard play hard (rose)

EGYPT | Sunday, 3 Oct 2010 | Views [1355] | Comments [1]

So it seems we're not too good at the road trip element of our road trip: too easily lured into life in beautiful places, and enjoying putting down some roots for a while. 'Nesting', some might say, but I say nay: merely 'resting'. We've now been in ... Read more >

3 punctures, 2 Koreans and a night under the stars (guest blog by alex)

EGYPT | Sunday, 12 Sep 2010 | Views [1679] | Comments [2]

Rose's great friend Al recently joined us here in Dahab for a week. Since we've been especially lax about writing the blog recently, he kindly stepped in and offered these words.   A flight full of idiots is worth it if you are greeted ... Read more >

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