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4 Small Ways You Can Make Your Trip Eco-Friendly

USA | Tuesday, 13 November 2018 | Views [96]

Now more than ever, tourists have been looking for new ways to enjoy their vacations while also knowing they are giving back to a location. Tourism can do a lot of good to a certain region by providing jobs and encouraging education, but it can also cause damage to fragile ecosystems and famous monuments. However, there are some very easy ways that you can make sure to preserve an area for future generations.


Here are 4 tips for making your next trip better overall for the environment.


1.    Take local transportation


Flying can be incredibly convenient, but it can also use a lot of unnecessary fuel and release more carbon emissions than if you would choose to take another form of transport. This might mean looking into a bus or a train or seeing if you can get a rideshare. In some cases, it can be impossible not to take a plane, but in many other instances it can be cheaper, more interesting, and better for the environment to take a more local form of transportation.


2.    Look into local tour companies


Using well-known tour companies can assure that you have a standard of service, but they also do not give back to local communities in the same way that working with tours based in your destinations do. By using local tour companies, you are helping small businesses to thrive and give back to their families. It might take some research to find the right companies, but you can help a lot by looking into quality businesses that give back and provide services to help their towns grow.


3.    Choose tours that are kind to animals


One problem many areas face is the way tourists interact with their wildlife. Over-tourism and treating animals cruelly can cause many problems in a region, and it can eventually keep tourists from coming to a certain destination at all. By looking into which companies have made efforts to help nearby flora and fauna, you can make sure that you are doing your best not to harm the local animal and plant life when you go to visit.


4.    Visit local shops


Many souvenirs are imported from other countries where they are cheaper to make and buy as a tourist. However, they also take away from the local economies and make it more difficult for businesses and restaurants to do well. You might want to ask some residents where the best places to buy gifts are and if they have recommendations for places to eat. This way, you can have a more authentic experience and bring back souvenirs to family and friends that not only will they love, but that are also supporting the people who live in your chosen destination.


Sustainable tourism is the idea that we can make our world better when we visit a certain location. The good thing is that it often doesn’t take much in order to make a difference, and small actions can make a big impact in the long run.

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