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Stockholm day by day

SWEDEN | Monday, 24 June 2013 | Views [581]

So, i’ve landed here in Sweden and travelled to Stockholm for the start of my adventure. I’ve read online that it’s an extremely safe place and I think that’s true. I’m only going off the fact they leave toothpaste and in the hostel bathroom for everyone but still, I trust no one will rob me. I’m trying to understand the delicacies but so far I’ve only come across a chocolate log filled with cream and egg white rolled in hazelnut, however, I am not complaining. I feel it replicates the country perfectly, you see it, you want it, you feel daring choosing it but once inside you realise it’s some nice you’ve had before.




As you walk into City Backpackers you are greeted by friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere. The hostel is full of character but relaxed and easy going. You are shown through the courtyard into a somewhat annex which is the hostel itself. There is a small common room and doors leading to the dorms. As you remove your shoes to stay with the tradition you have a choice to relax upstairs or to head downstairs where another common awaits on the other side of a stylish Ikea kitchen. Smiles beam your way and straight away, you feel at home. Fun, relaxed and full of Charisma.




As I take a manly swig of my Falcon, I feel the testosterone bubbling like the pint that sits in front of me. So maybe I quite fit in here as men gamble behind me and laughter roars out. Ties have been loosened and glasses emptied as he week draws to an end. The service is as you’d expect from a pub in Sweden, relaxed, but just what you need. I think I’ve just turned this local into bar as my seat by the window with my camera seems to have attracted other women and a mix of football shirts, I glance up to the bartender who is looking confused at the sudden burst.



How did I know Stockholm was where id end up? The cobbled streets mixed with the colourful culture, the relaxed attitude and non judgmental way of life, the rivers and outdoor seating with blankets, the sun and the snow. It’s everything I want and enjoy. The language though, now that’s a tough one, I’ll get there. It’s skies are amazing and the landscape too.



Today I walked past a homeless man in Gamla Stan, I slowed and watched a women give him money asking him what happened. His grin was unforgettable, toothless but genuine. I think the pure reason was that someone talked to him, paid him attention, instead of throwing change at his feet, reassuring themselves they’re not what’s wrong with society. As I walked away I’m filled with regret, and so as I ponder over my glass of coke I count out my change. When I return to the place I saw him, it’s empty and my heart drops. I wont miss another opportunity like that again. His infectious smile had made me wonder how someone like that, ends up there.

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