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Planes, Trains and Rickety Wheels

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Iceland | Friday, July 5, 2013 | flickr photos

A travel photographer is someone who has a passion for life, who captures parts of the world that most people choose to ignore. When everyone’s photographing a sunset, they’re the one who’s facing the other way capturing the shadows cast by it. The person who is laid on the floor photographing the cracks in a pavement or standing on a zebra crossing at night photographing the headlights of cars in a long exposure. Someone who will walk and walk without a map, following beauty until they end up at the top of a mountain where they can look down on their journey and photograph it. A girl who can show just one image of a country but sum it up in all it’s entirety; it’s atmosphere, it’s lifestyle.
I am desperate for this opportunity to learn on the job from a professional. It would be a foot onto the ladder of my dream job as National Geographic is my biggest inspiration and who I hope to work for one day, and this could be my chance to make that happen. I would put everything into this assignment and know that I would excel. Put me in a boat, throw me out of a plane, slide me down an Iceberg, I will get the shot!
I'm dedicated and love a challenge, have big dreams and a lot of passion!