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Planes, Trains and Rickety Wheels

My Scholarship entry - In The Shade

South Africa | Monday, November 24, 2014 | 5 photos

I have too much passion to express in words, but i hope given this chance you will see it in my images. During my studies (photojournalism) i realised a desk and computer is not the job ahead of me; i want a career made up of adventure and obstacles, culture shocks and new experiences. Driving my teachers mad as i opted to Skype them from the corners of the world instead of attending lectures i just can't sit back and let the world unfold, without me capturing it first. I have a love for wildlife and i am quickly coming out of my shell after travelling alone. My camera is my companion and so, i'm never lonely. I enjoy capturing emotion and between spontaneous, out of the car window shots, i will take the time to sit and take in a part of where i am, so that my photographs have meaning and relativity. Having a mentor by my side would be invaluable when it comes to the amount of knowledge i could gain. I would take on every bit of information you had to offer and do everything i could to say thank you by producing images you would be happy to say you helped with. I struggle with choosing my images due to doubting myself, but i think my ability to tell a story is something i excel in.