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Paris day by day

FRANCE | Thursday, 13 June 2013 | Views [383]

Finished my first book, it was amazing, never wated to put it down. Started Cloud Atlas and my nose was crunched up by the first page. Bored! Wrote a few articles, have so far taken around 1500 photos id say, trying to be ruthless and delete almost duplicates at the end of each day, but it's proving difficult.

As of yet, i haven't felt lonley, i like the quiet, the fact i can introduce myself as anyone i like and can just pretend i don't understand to get out of a conversation.

Touched down in Paris, the hostel is basic, shower is tiny, the place itself was so ahrd to find, it was like platform 9 3/4 on a bank holiday weekend. The people in my dorm are lovely, an American, Brazilian and Australian. Yey, people that speak English!

Last day in Paree, it's been an amazing trip. Wish i could stay here longer. I've spent most of it with Phillip, from the first night actully. Wierd how we just clicked straight away.

So since i haven't written much in France, i'll sum up. Met a guy, Paris is my next home, saw everything i wanted to see and met a realy nice person. He even walked me to the station this morning.

Ok to recap, the first day i went to Sacre Coeur at night with Phillip where we drank Heinekin and talked about cows being Gods and the usual subjects of course, We kissed looking over Paris and we didn't spend time apart form then on.

The second day we qued for Notre Damn and climbed to the top. We went to the Louvre and to the Acre De Triomphe which we got to climb too. After cooking tea together, a lovely Spag Bol, we headed to the Eiffel Tower which was lit up. It was amazing. (We had a cheeky kiss there too)

The next day we went to Versailles. A little out iof the center but worth the trip. We went to the music gardens at the palace which it took 2 hours to walk around and we didn't see half of it. From there we had a crepe and a drink and headed back to the center, Walking the streets of Paris.

Wednesday we went back to the Eiffel tower where we went to the top. Philip was scared of heaights which i found cute and endearing, he still looked over the edge and we had a photo together. That took most of our day wandering round there as we had stayed in bed most of the morning.

We did go to the Moulin Rouge at the night after going out for food at a little Italian with the best red wine, it was sparkling. Disapointed at the Moulin Rouge but the comapny was nice so it's all ok. We went to bed after that, spooning of course on the single lower part of bunkbeds. And now it's today...


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