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the trip

Coban, Semuc champey and chichicastenango

GUATEMALA | Saturday, 27 June 2009 | Views [2218] | Comments [2]

Travelled all day to Coban and stayed the night.

Next day we went to Semuc champey. Its a beautiful jungle with big waterfalls rivers and pools which we swam in. Had a few camera problems so not many photos from here on to chichicastenango.

We also went to a bat cave and at sunset millions of them swarm out of the cave right infront of your face, its really was incredible. We were ment to be picked up outside but ended up waiting a while, got a little concerned due to it being pitch black in the jungle and also knowing that to guards with big shot guns were just a few feet away from us, but all went well.

Say goodbye to some friends except nick who is still with us.

Travelled all day again to chichicastenango. Its the most stunning things driving through the highlands, shame i got no photos, however, and there normally is a however, the van got stuck several times going up, meaning all the men had to get out and push the bloody thing up hill, was amazed Pat kept his temper.

Eventually made it and its was great, its the crazyest ´place on the trip so far, in the morning we thought world war three had started, its really sounded like the town was being mortared and we even though we heard gun fire, seems silly, but a few days previous we played pool with a fella that had a pistol in his belt, as it turned out it some big catholic prosession parading through the streets, got some pics you can see. At one point we were standing at a stall (the stalls are awesome by the way) when some bloke runs over, pushes jim out the way and lights a rocked vertually under his arse. All the stall people ran for the hills and we looked at each other and bolted as the thing went off.

You do get alot of hassle here to buy stuff, but its so poor and i feel so rich in comparison. Jim cant resist buying crap for the kids.




THanks for sharing. Can you help us follow your footsteps? Next week!
What kind of trip was this from Coban to Chichi? Time, road roughness, safety-crime, etc.
I'm trying to decide on renting a 4x4 and doing GUA->Chichi->Coban->Lanquin->GUA with my wife and 6yo son after spending a couple of days in Antigua and Pana.
From what I read it appears the Candle cave thing is not for small children, but was hoping to do the bat exit sight plus the Semuc swimming.
Any ideas will be helpful.

  fernando Aug 10, 2010 2:35 AM


hey man
well my thoughts are that it is easyer to just catch rides on the buses there, because of the terrain ur driving through and also i have heard things about people being highjacked in cars... but as mad as it sounds i saw no trouble what so ever, this country was wonderful.
plus its so cheap to travel that way. but then again traveling with such a young kid might be a bit much...
hope that helps

  DAVID Aug 11, 2010 1:27 AM



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