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the trip

Playa del Carmen, the Cenotes and Chichen Itza the 7th wonder of the world

MEXICO | Sunday, 14 June 2009 | Views [7189] | Comments [3]

As you may have noticed I retrieved my pictures. God knows how, although im pretty clever, but Im happy. Also due to popular demand of the public i´ve tried to included more pictures of myself.

Jim needed rest, and so most of our time here was not too heavy, not that i really wanted to, its very touristy and american.

Pat and i saw the moon rise over the ocean, it came up blood red and looked much bigger. We just sipped beers and took it easy.

I got an ear infection but thats gone now.

Funny because our worries about mexico of getting mugged etc... turned out to be nothing like that, its peaceful, but the police are who you watch out for, we heard stories along the way and Pat saw first hand what happens when he was with someone when they had a camera stollen from them.

Ok, the days trip to Chichen Itza, its one of the 7 wonders of the world, not too sure if its the 7th though, just sounded good.

Millions of years back an asteroid hit what is now the golf of mexico but was then under the ocean. It caused rock to rise up from the sea and created deep holes and caves and caverns and underground rivers, the same asteroid as what extinct the dinosaurs.

Around 150 years BC, the Miyan people went in search of a new home with fresh water and founded Chichen Itza with its large Cenotes (caves or wells...). It streched over 20 kilometers wide and was home to some 50,000 inhabitants. The pyramids in its centre are a natural calander and were built around the equinox so that each spring and autum the sun passes through the buildings and creates a stunning view with colours and light, and every 52 years they would build new ones on top of the old which are still inside.

Human sacrifice was commen and could be seen all over the place, as it turns out the upper classes would sacrifice themselves in order to preach eturnal life, heres the mental bit, when they found the tombs and looked inside they found no trace of bodys in any of them, but they did find possesions, as i turns out their bodys were used to fertilize the land for crop! and each one killed is remembered and respected on the walls of the buildings. Also the buildings were build for acoustics, when you stand and clap in one place you can hear it bounch between each building around you, pretty impressive, not stupid people at all.

After we went to a Cenote near by and swam in its rich blue water. There are tree roots hanging from the top stretching down to find the water, i really recommend it, although i nearly had heart attack jumping from a ledge quite high up, im getting old.

Found a kebeb that night, very happy end to the day.




I heard on Caso Cerrado that this is the fountain of youth. She had a women on there who was 50 years old and she looked to be 25 years of age. Her husband was really old though.

  Sandy McDowell Jul 29, 2010 7:07 AM


yea, i saw that episode also. was pretty impressive.

  jonny cash Aug 2, 2010 2:59 PM


po box 899 mision san miguel ca 93451 need info how to buy water

  wade andrew fojtik Aug 11, 2010 6:59 AM



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