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dannygoesdiving This is a blog & photo journal of the trips that I (Danny) and Jo (wifey) have taken over the past few years.

Gallery: TCI 2007 - Underwater

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS | Saturday, 17 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Turks & Caicos - the first few months

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS | Monday, 1 Jan 2007 | Views [664]

Things are becoming easier as time passes, and we now accept alot of the earlier frustrations.  Work, however, is easy, the sun always shines. work front: we have fitted in well at the dive centre, the learning curve was pretty short for me and ... Read more >

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Turks & Caicos - the first few weeks

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS | Sunday, 17 Dec 2006 | Views [7037] | Comments [2]

So first of all a little about the Turks & Caicos islands ........ They are a dependant British Territory comprising 8 islands (providenciales, north caicos, middle caicos, south caicos, east caicos, west caicos, grand turk, salt cay) and some 40 ... Read more >

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A few relaxing days with Gizmo

SPAIN | Thursday, 30 Nov 2006 | Views [654]

A great few days were spent with Giz & Lidia, a break from the UK and the stress of trying to find work after leaving Gozo. It had been a year since we last got together, but as usual it felt like it had only been a few days. We generally chilled, ... Read more >

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Gallery: Spain with Giz 2006

SPAIN | Wednesday, 29 Nov 2006 | Photo Gallery

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A season working in Gozo

MALTA | Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006 | Views [3449]

How to condense 7 months into a few lines ! We arrived at the end of April and it was good to be back after the months of travelling and not staying in any one place for long.  It was a great feeling to be on the ferry, watching Gozo loom ahead of us, ... Read more >

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Gallery: Gozo 2005 & 2006

MALTA | Monday, 30 Oct 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Travelling through Vietnam

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Views [3530]

1. Cambodia - Vietnam .  We departed from Phnom Penn a day later than planned as the previous day Jo had been unable to part company with the toilet ! (Kes and Sarah had set out the previous day as planned). We caught the tourist bus that was to take ... Read more >

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Gallery: Vietnam 2006

VIETNAM | Monday, 30 Jan 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Travelling through Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Friday, 6 Jan 2006 | Views [1834] | Comments [1] | Video

1. The journey to Cambodia. Packed for Cambodia (we had drawn out dollars as we were told this was the best currency and that there are no cashmachines in the whole country), we boarded a luxury coach in Bangkok and began the journey to Cambodia, arriving ... Read more >

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Gallery: Cambodia 2006

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 31 Dec 2005 | Photo Gallery

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Chilling in Thailand

THAILAND | Monday, 12 Dec 2005 | Views [899]

It was the 8th December 2005, as i boarded the flight to Thailand, the flight was going to be 12 hours, the longest I had taken.  I was flying with 'Eva' airlines and was pleasantly suprised by the legroom, varity of films etc and the food.  All in all ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: Thailand - 2005/2006

THAILAND | Sunday, 11 Dec 2005 | Photo Gallery

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A fortnight in Spain with Gizmo & Lidia

SPAIN | Thursday, 10 Nov 2005 | Views [566]

The season at Gozo finished, it was time to meet up again with one of my best mates.  Giz has now lived in Spain for a number of years, spending the summer working in Tossa De Mar and the winter down in Caceres where his girlfriend goes to university.... Read more >

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Gallery: Spain - Caceres 2005

SPAIN | Wednesday, 9 Nov 2005 | Photo Gallery

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The first dive job abroad

MALTA | Friday, 15 Jul 2005 | Views [4051]

It was July 2005, how did I end up standing at a check-in desk, all my belongings in 2 bags, heading to Gozo, hoping to secure a job as a dive instructor ?  So began a new chapter in my life and the biggest adventure to date. We all get fed up with ... Read more >

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