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10 Hates About Solo Travelling

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 29 May 2011 | Views [415]

People always write about the amazing things when they travel, nobody at home gets to see the other side of the coin. Since i've been on the go for 9 months travelling now, i think i'm just about qualified to write about both sides of my trip. I couldn't wait until i was home to do this as i probably would have never found the time to write it and it's always going to be fresh in my mind whilst i'm still on my travels. So here goes!

1. Shopping bags

Anyone who has travelled in Australia or New Zealand will understand this, the majority of backbackers here will be carrying a backback and a coolbag or recycling bag from Coles or Woolworths filled with their food stash and their name graffitted across it. It's too expensive to eat out every day in these countries so generally you have to cart around your pasta, bread, oil, tea/coffee or whatever from place to place. Total pain in the a#$&.

2. Travel Towels

The bain of my life. A large hankie which masquerades itself as something to dry you after a shower which in turn will dry really quickly so you can put it back in your rucksack without it smelling of mould when you pull it out at your next location. Reason it can dry so quickly: it doesn't actually absorb any water in the first place, it just "moves it around". If you have one you know what i'm talking about.

3. Loneliness

As much as travelling alone gives you freedom, sometimes it gives you too much time to yourself which makes you start to go slightly insane and think why the hell am i here in the first place and not back at home with my friends and family. Definitely one of the major lows or travelling, but can be easily combatted by making small talk with people in hostels or wherever until you find someone you get along with who can be your NBFNF (new best friend not forever) for 2 days or however long you will be there for!

4. Home comforts

Sometimes you just want to go and curl up on the couch with a fleece and watch a DVD or your favourite program on TV and not be hassled. Unfortunately there are always about 12 other people who want to do the same therefore you end up watching some shite about antiques or a crap comedy show. Or in the morning you just want to get up and go and make your breakfast in your jammies without talking to anyone - no can do in a hostel!

5. Cooking

Cooking for one is generally a nightmare, cooking for one in a hostel to put it bluntly - is a bloody nightmare! This is why you have to stick to basics like pasta and noodles cos the majority of the time you are fighting for space on the cooker and a pot to put your food in. Travelling in cheap countries saves a hell of alot of hassle as you can just eat out every night and you don't need to carry a Coles bag to every place you visit.

6. Dorms

 Hostels are the cheapest place to stay so most backpackers don't have an option. Unfortunately it also means sharing your living space with other people, some of whom can be inconsiderate eh..people. I've heard some horror stories though, about people bringing their boy/girlfriend/drunken target back to the dorm for the night..i'll say no more. Earplugs have become my best friend and luckily the worst thing i have had to contend with is really loud snorers.

7. Plastic Bags

This probably could have been covered under no 6. but it's one of my pet hates so i thought i would give it a line of it's own. People who use plastic bags in their backpack and wake you up at unsociable hours rustling around to find something. If you are reading this and are one of the crime committers then please stop and put your things in a bag which doesn't make any noise.

8. Public Transport

A scenic roadtrip can quickly turn into misery when you are landed next to a smelly old man, or a crying baby. The freedom you may have at home with your own car will be taken away from you as you are forced to use the cheapest travel option - normally buses, trains & ferries.

9. Clothes

You have a limited amount of space in your bag to fit all your gear so this usually ends up with you just having only 1 of everything, except from underwear of course which i always believe in carrying about 10 days supply of so you don't have to do laundry every 2 days! It's funny how you can get creative with fashion when you only have 1 pair of jeans, shorts, shoes, leggings and jumper.

10. Fast food

I'm an absolute hater of going to fast food places in general (unless i'm hungover), but even moreso when i'm in another country. However somedays when you've had a tiring journey, you're disorientated and you're starving, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you see the big golden M shining from a building.

10 Loves are to follow in my next post...

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