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Goodbye Thailand..Selamat Pagi Malaysia!!

MALAYSIA | Monday, 11 October 2010 | Views [583] | Comments [6]

It's been a bit of a busy couple of days but i thought i better update before i start to forget what i've done!

So on Friday i started my marathon journey at 10am to get to Kuala Lumpur, i decided to get it all over with in one go as i've kind of ran out of time to spend days anywhere else in Malaysia except KL and Melaka on the way to Singapore..but it's all good i can come back another day :)

The bus was actually pretty luxury compared to what i've been used to but it turned out to be not the most fun journey. When we were crossing the border i noticed the guys sitting behind me (who i assume were Malaysian) were acting really strange and when we got off to get passports stamped they tried to move seats to sit nearer the back of the bus and the driver told them to get back to their original seats..me being the paranoid one straight away thought - suicide bombers. So pretty much the rest of the journey was spent spying on them to make sure they weren't concocting some sort of explosive in a water bottle behind me haha. I got around 1 hour sleep then the bus arrived in Kuala Lumpur at around 5am..not fun and i stupidly jumped in the first taxi i seen which turned out not even to be a registered taxi (sorry mum i shouldn't even be saying this!) - but actually the guy was a legend and drove me around the city for 45mins until i found a decent place to stay which wasn't easy. The first one smelt of curry, the second one had a gang of 5 men stealing everyone's shoes from the doorway, the third was a flea pit..you get the picture. So i finally gave in and ended up in the best out of a bad bunch in Chinatown with my very own prison cell for 4 quid, at 6am i was desperate and i guess you're hardly in the room anyway!

After a few hours kip i woke around 1pm and was starving, lucky for me in KL there is a McDonald's literally on every corner. Now i hate caving in and going there when i'm abroad but when all there is to eat is noodles sometimes you just need a cheeseburger!! It was a particularly hot day on Saturday so i stayed in my hostel til around 4pm and ventured to the KL Tower (not the Petronas) which is the World's 4th Tallest Communications Tower ooooh!! There was lots going on around there apart from just the tower so you can also do an F1 Simulator, visit a mini zoo and well..eat!! There was also a really cool festival on over the weekend called JUMP so loads of extreme sports guys were jumping off the top of the building which is 300-odd metres and parachuting to the bottom..amazing! The icing on the cake for me was a street dance competition which consisted of around 10 dance crews battling it out, there were some really talented dancers. But the critic in me also thought some were really bad and I wished i was a judge! I'll be uploading some videos soon for ma dance people to get some inspiration.

Yesterday (Sunday) i decided to head to the shopping malls on the LRT train..i don't know why the hell i done this because i hate shopping at the best of times but when you have no money to spare it's definitely not fun at all unless you're bartering in a market for 2 quid shoes. It was pretty cool to see the area though, they call it the Golden Triangle and it's in Bukit Bintang area. There are so many different malls selling designer, electronics, high street fashion etc, it kind of reminded me of New York. Anyway after a float around and not buying anything i found the food hall which was much more interesting and i cooked my own beef teppanyaki style mmmmm! After that i decided to go to the cinema as i've been dying to see 'Eat, Pray, Love' and realised how cheap it was to go here plus all the films are in English with subtitles, it was only around 2 quid and popcorn was 1 quid - look how much we are being ripped off in the UK, disgraceful! The film was great and i actually shed a tear because of the mindframe i'm in at the moment, this is abnormal for me as i didn't even cry at My Sister's Keeper.

Back at the hostel last night was fun and games, i ended up meeting some nice people and we had a jamming session on the rooftop of the hostel. I actually met a nice couple from Inverness (the first normal Scottish people i've met, as i'm discounting the weirdo from Edinburgh i met on the way to Krabi) so that was really cool as they'd just started their trip too! I headed to bed around 3.30am and had a bit of a run in with some drunk woman in the hallway on my floor who i shall refer to only as 'The Wildebeast'..i had noticed her hanging around with a guy who worked there earlier and he clearly didn't want a piece of her last night so she asked to sleep in my room. I was like..'eh no sorry' before diving in my room to barricade my door. For some reason my room could only lock from the outside with a padlock so i managed to block the slide door with my backpack which was pretty easy considering the room was about 10 x 4 foot. Just about drifting off to sleep an hour later the Wildebeast starts banging on my door shouting "HEY"..i absolutely shit my pants but stayed quiet and dived to the door to hold it shut arghh. She was still trying to push it open but clearly she was steaming so gave up. I don't know what the hell she wanted from me, my bed, my money, or ME..but thank f&%$ she dissappeared back to the hallway couch. I kept quiet and spied out the door for about 10 mins til it was clear then i ran out with my valuables to the reception and begged the guy to give me another room, he was raging but finally put me in another room which was funnily enough double the size of the last one and locked from the inside..arseholes for putting me in a room that doesn't lock as i assumed none of them did but i'll learn from that lesson!

Anyway this morning i had to go back to the old room to get my bag and get the hell out of there to the nice place i had booked for my last 2 nights here..the Wildebeast happened to be sitting in the reception with her back to me on the internet when i literally threw the keys at the guy and just shouted "the reason i have two keys is because someone tried to come into my room last night!!" She pretended she didn't hear and he was just laughing..it is clearly an absolutly rank brothel/flea pit/crack den and if you ever go to KL..DO NOT STAY IN THE OASIS GUESTHOUSE...

On to the next one, today i'm going to check out Little India to hunt out a nice gold headpiece and i also bought some Henna yesterday so plan to give myself some nice hand and foot tattoos later..then tomorrow i'm going to the Petronas Tower..good times!!




What drama, why do we always attract weirdos like the wildbeast and the guys on the coach! Glad you're ok petal and hope you enjoyed your sexy cheeseburger ;) xxx

  Rosemary Oct 11, 2010 8:25 PM


Oh Nadia, didnt like that blog, a lot of scary stuff there. Hopefully thats the last ' Wildebeast' you'll meet. Take care - ps. Registered taxis please.xxx

  Mum Oct 11, 2010 8:33 PM


Don;t worry i'll learn from these mistakes and i'm still in one piece!! i wasn't going to write about it but might aswell be honest x

  Nadia Oct 12, 2010 12:04 AM


Nightmare man!!! xx

  Laura Oct 12, 2010 1:58 AM


Oh God, you're mother will have the horrors when she reads this, hahaha. X

  Auntie Claire Oct 12, 2010 5:44 AM


Still in one piece that' s the main thing, good job with henna on feet, authentic look.
KL looks good. Good job you write as you go or you would have forgotten by the time you get back.
I have booked my time off for 3 weeks in May will talk to you again soon.
Autumn is looking really good here and last week end Alain mum and I sat outside in the sunshine enjoying a cocktail!!!
Love Dad.

  Dad Oct 13, 2010 5:02 AM

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