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A new kind of journey

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 25 May 2006 | Views [1783] | Comments [1]

Now THIS is travelling... imagine 9 months cocooned in a dark, wet environment where sounds are muffled and sensations insulated. It's home, although altogether a foreign place and not somewhere it's possible to visit once you've left.

And then all of a sudden you start the most sensational journey of your little life. Descend the birth canal and emerge squished and blinking under the first lights you've ever seen, breathing air for the very first time and recognising that you are no longer attached to the home you'd found so cozy.

This is Jemima Charlie Grimmer's first journey and no doubt one that she'll definitely forget. What a pity. We have only a few pictures showing the shock of this experience on her tiny face.

Although a strange post in a travel journal, I've been musing on the first journey we all take in our lives - being born. I think the 3 hours of gas and 14 hours of epidural drugs helped my state of mind imagine more vividly than is usual all these 'miracle of life' experiences for babies and parents.

Now we're planning a real trip and I'm hoping that she's already got the travel bug - it'll make life so much easier if the anticipation of getting on a plane is exciting and happy for her, and doesn't cause crying fits, anxiety, even-more explosive pooping than normal.
We've booked Miss JC Bean on her first UK tour and preparation has begun. A visit to the first-time grandparents, Uncle Corin in London and friends scattered around the land.

Just what exactly do we need to take? The list seems huge- will they let us on the plane if we arrive with unwieldy and unusual shaped prams? How about the baby-bouncer? Hardly essential, but her favourite spot at the moment. Does one take a month's worth of nappies (No -I'm sure they have babies in the Uk too)? How many changes of clothes? Some gaffa tape to shut her screaming mouth and please the passengers upset that we've ruined their 24 hour plane trip?

Travel with children is a new category for me. I'd be more comfortable if I could fit her in the backpack next to the pocket knife and iPod. Yes, she's also a small fashionable travel accessory... but this one wriggles.

I can only conclude that this is a new kind of adventurous journey for me too. Let's hope it unfolds gracefully, and if not, at least humourously. ;-)

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I can only imagine that having a newborn will keep things in perspective, a rebirth for you and your partner no doubt as well.

thanks for your comments and keeping up with my journal... yes the US in particular is a very complicated country, and I have a lot of time right now to soak it all up. But it's nice to know... if I can't hack it here, happily, there's always the opportunity to travel and learn new ways of living.

much luck with the newborn.

  ldeutch Jun 7, 2006 7:13 AM

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