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crustyadventures Random travel thoughts from WorldNomad's Community Manager

About crustyadventures

I'm currently doing a bit of armchair travelling  through my job as the Community Relations Manager at WorldNomads.com .  Wanderlust from behind a desk!  Additionally, I'm have a crack at trying to change the world through managing and growing The Footprints Network, our online philanthropy project that harnesses the collective power of many individuals to fund poverty-alleviation projects globally.   .

This blog here is about my ongoing adventures.

They began long, long ago with cries of "I've got to get out of here!". You know, the kind of drive that sees many Aussies and Kiwis flung far to every corner of the world. It was a desire to throw myself in the deep-end of cultures I didn't understand, to wash off the middle-class familiarity of life in Australia and the rigamortis of a dull Uni degree.  This curiousity took me to live and work overseas in Japan, Canada and Europe.

Over time, the buzz of an itinerant solo life gave way to a new style of thrill. In a whirlwind of deadlines and adrenaline, I started to carve out some kind of career in music management and production.  As a child-of-the-eighties I  rolled those words around succulently for a while.... Mmmmm 'career'.

But the travel bug bit again ... and this time it was for the most remote and deserted reaches of my own land. We decided to make a complete lap of the Australia from the bumpy home of an old 4WD (and yep... that solo traveller had become a duo).

And now, against all my early predictions to the contrary, that duo has become a trio. And the adventures will continue even if I can't fit little Jemima Charlie into my backpack next to the pocket knife and the headtorch. But I feel like every trip I now take will be seen through her eyes and that childlike wonder at the world will come alive and sparkle again.

Please contact me below if you wish to get in touch about this blog, my travels or my work.

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