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Here is a thought...

GERMANY | Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | Views [350]

...all backpackers, no matter their age or nationality or length of trip, have a distinct smell. It's not dirt or body odor necessarily... it is just the smell of people who have been wearing the same clothes, surrounded by the same people every moment ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, smelly backpackers, trains

I am museum-ed out!

GERMANY | Sunday, 15 Jul 2007 | Views [414]

Well the day is winding down and my feet are killing me because all day today has been walking through museums. It's been pretty sweet but still, I need to chill out tonight. Started off with a tour (in German so I have *no idea* what was said) of the ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, hot hot hot, museums

It's summer in Berlin

GERMANY | Saturday, 14 Jul 2007 | Views [283]

Well the sun is out and it is hot! Today is the first day it hasn't rained since I came to Europe, but I think it would have been a nice relief from the heat as it was close to 90 degrees today. Despite all of attempts at sunscreen I have a lovely burn ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, wandering

Gastronomical adventures in Germany

GERMANY | Friday, 13 Jul 2007 | Views [353]

Well I made it to Berlin (definitely the hardest city to navigate thus far but I attribute it to its sheer size, which hardly compares to everywhere else I've been). My hostel is quite nice and I will definitely make friends considering I'm in a room ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, food, germany, wi-fi

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